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Age can be a big factor in choosing the right gift for a page boy, so we've developed a wide range of personalised page boy gifts. Say a big thank you with the perfect present, for your special wedding day helper.

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Being a page boy at someones wedding is an honour, one people won't forget, so say a big thank you to the page boy with one of our wonderful personalised page boy gifts. Select one of our unusual gifts that includes a Page Boy Shiny Silver Frame or a Page Boy Cartoon Character 1/2 Pint Tankard and say thank you in style.

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Oval Cufflinks

Oval Cufflinks


The page boys are usually the nephews or brothers of the families, traditionally carrying the bride's train on her dress. They also carry the rings on a cushion at some weddings for the special couple. Our wonderful personalised page boy gifts include a silver plated train money box and a personalised football caricature.