Personalisation Tips:

Punctuation and Spelling. Please check your punctuation, spelling and grammar. Ensure you put capital letters where you want them. Although we check every order that comes through we cannot always pick up errors (We are Human but we do pick up most)

Dates. Please check dates carefully! We can amend them in most cases if you get them wrong, as long as you tell us soon enough!

Images. Images should be in .jpg (J PEG) format. Ideally files should be 2MB or smaller. The upload time will depend on the file size and your Internet connection speed. Please be patient when uploading a large image. Please try to use the best-quality image possible. 

We Can Scan. If you don’t have a digital image we can scan your photograph, please call for charges.

Sending Details Later. If you would like to send the details later, leave the fields blank and then when you have the order confirmation send your details to

Personalisation Field not Needed. You may enter NONE if there is a required personalisation field you wish to leave blank.

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