'Three little maids are we' - winning bridesmaids' gifts

Bridesmaids look terrific on the wedding photos, upstaged only by the bride herself. What’s more, bridesmaids are there for a purpose. Superstition states stunningly dressed bridesmaids were designed to confuse evil spirts as to the true identity of the bride, protecting her from bad luck.

From the Matron of Honour (the head bridesmaid) – who was traditionally an unmarried woman, incidentally, to gorgeous little flower girls, all bridesmaids will expect a gift from you and your husband or wife, to thank them for the part they played in your wedding, and to give them a keepsake of the day.

There are loads of brilliant ideas out there for the asking – all designed to make your bridesmaids feel tickled pink.

Bridesmaids Gifts include cute soft toys in wedding attire, contemporary jewellery, champagne flutes, exquisite perfume bottles, you name it!

If you want to really wow your bridesmaids, then probably best way, is to choose Personalised Bridesmaids Gifts.  After all, children love anything with their names on it – and we adults are partial to a little sentimentality, too.

At the click of a button, you can have all your bridesmaids’ gifts engraved with their role, the date and venue of your wedding, and a special message from the two of you, on the reverse.