When is a mug not a mug?

Question: when is a mug not a mug?
Answer: when it’s a personalised mug!

Personalised Mugs make great gifts. Whether you are celebrating a special occasion, or simply want to treat someone special just because, a personalised mug will make that day.
Personalised mugs come in all shapes and sizes. What’s more, each one is unique. Whether your personalised mug is destined for great aunt so-and-so, a valued friend, or cherished partner, there will be a design out there that is right up their street – guaranteed.
Personalised mugs have a serious  shelf-life, too. Each and every mornng, your family and friends can wake up with a smile, hands cupped around  their own personalised mug of whatever.
Personalised Mugs can be imprinted with any message you choose. They can have photos superimposed onto them. And they can commemorate a special role, such as best man or godmother.
So why not order a personalised mug , today?  You are allowed to indulge yourself with one of your own, too!