What do you buy a baby born weighing 12lbs 12oz?

WOW, it has been reported that Gemma Tevendale from Swindon, Wiltshire, who is 26, has given birth to baby Suzie Gzowski three weeks ago. Gemma amazingly only spent 44 minutes in labour and gave birth naturally with gas and air and she needed no stitches.

Apparently the midwife was absolutely gobsmacked.

Gemma had been told that the baby would be big, probably around 10 to 11 pounds, but everyone was truely astonished when the baby was delivered at an incedible 12lbs 12oz they even checked the scales!!!

The baby was born with two teeth and is already wearing  three to six month old baby grows.

The average newborn in the UK is 7.5 lb for boys and 7.25 lb for girls.

It is thought that eating fish may have contributed to the large baby.

Gemma said: “I do like fish four times a week. I hadn’t gone overboard with it, although I probably had more than I should – usually tuna and smoked salmon.”

Gemma’s other children were both on the large side weighing 10lb 10oz and 11lb 2oz.

We have been trying to think of which Baby Gift we might buy for Gemma's newborn, as of yet we have been stumped although it was suggested we bought a Scooter!