Wedding gifts newlyweds will want

Newlyweds don’t need toasters anymore – most young couples looking to tie the knot have already lived together for a considerable amount of time before their big day and will have all the homeware they need.

The traditional toaster, crockery, blender or slow cooker, have had their time in the wedding limelight and it’s time to move on. “But to what?” you ask – don’t worry our list has ideas that are a little bit ‘different’.

At The Personalised Gift Shop we are big believers that a gift means more if it’s personal – call us crazy – so our list of wedding gifts that newlywed will want is based on the idea that a great wedding gift isn’t just a present that they will love, but an item that they can keep as a memento of their big day.

The First Dance gift

After the vows have been said and the food eaten, a main part of any wedding is the first dance. This is the first opportunity the newlyweds will have to dance together as a married couple and they will either dance to ‘their song’ or they will have spent a ridiculously long time picking the right song to become ‘their song’.

Our First Dance Replica Gold Disc is the perfect way to take this song and make it a lasting memento of their big day. This gift also enables you to write the date of their wedding, any message of your choice and include a photograph of the happy couple to make it a unique memento of their day that they will truly love.

Mr & Mrs Cushion

As we mentioned, many couples often live together before they tie the knot. However, a gift that is great for couples that are taking the same surname is our ever-popular sharing the sofa cushion. This quirky little cushion has a very modern design that you can personalise with the couple’s shared surname and the date of their wedding. This lovely gift will sit pride of place on their sofa and be a happy reminder of the day they took the next step.

Something for now and a memento for later

If the couple who are tying the knot like a glass of wine or a tipple of whisky then a great gift for their wedding could be their very own personalised bottle with their names, the date of their wedding and a few lines of personalised message.

However, if you’re worried that the alcohol may not last long enough to be called a memento, each of our sets also come with their own glasses that can be personalised with the same details and will be keepsakes that the newlyweds can use throughout their marriage. A great idea to suggest is that the bottle be carefully washed after all the alcohol has been drunk and be used as a unique place to put any coppers or lose change.

Wedding candle

A lot of traditional weddings light a unity candle as part of the main wedding ceremony. During the ceremony, the bride and groom pick up candles lit by their respective mothers and light the centre, unity candle. This beautiful candle can be used for this purpose or can just be seen as a lovely gift that will act as a memento of their wedding day.

A new doormat

Our doormat is a quirky gift that couples love. It’s something different and entertaining that they are sure to appreciate. This practical gift can also be personalised with the couple’s newly shared surname and will remind them of the first they stepped over the threshold with that name, every time they step over the threshold.