Top of the class

The school year is once again coming to an end. With all the holidays and baker days now, it is difficult to keep up with when the kids are actually in or out of school!

As the children look forward to a long six weeks or more of summer holidays, the teachers are also anticipating a well-deserved break from it all so to thank them for all their hard work and patience, you should be considering some Teachers Gifts to say it all with.

A Special Gift to say thank you to your favourite teacher is always a nice gesture and a gift from the whole class will be even better, you can spread the cost of the gift between a group of you as well as provide a gift that's thoughtful that he or she can treasure for many years to come. Cheap as chips as well as showing your sweet side - the perfect combination! The class of 2011 will never be forgotten now!

The Teachers Signature Plate makes a wonderful keepsake gift and each pupil can sign their special messages onto the plate which can then be baked in the oven at home providing your perfect teacher with a perfect plate that can he or she can eat from, wash over and over or simply display the plate in pride of place just to show everyone what a great job you have done in your job as a Teacher!

The plate has a classic blackboard design which can be personalised with the teacher's name and your special message then all you need to do is get signing!!

A great gift for a deserved teacher available at The Personalised Gift Shop.