Top six Personalised Valentine's Day Gifts you can share

If you’re going round in circles trying to think of a special gift for your other half, we’re prepared to bet you’ve been darting between fancy chocolates, perfumes and flowers to the point where you just haven’t got a clue what to choose anymore.

So rather than settle for a gift you’ve bought year after year, why not do something a little bit different and get personalised gifts that have been made for both of you to enjoy!

We at The Personalised Gift Shop think this is a fantastic way to celebrate the day, so we’ve put together our six favourite personalised Valentine’s Day gifts that are perfect for sharing on February 14th. Read on to find out what we love…

1. Valentine’s Day Personalised Bottle of Cava

Pop open a bottle and share a glass of bubbles for Valentine’s Day. But not with an ordinary bottle of Cava.

You can make this bottle completely unique for both of you!

Add your names and a special message, and it appears on the label of the bottle for you both to cherish forever.

What’s more, the optional red satin-lined box adds a special touch to this unique gift and makes a safe place to keep your unique bottle safe and treasured long after the bubbly is gone!

2. Mr & Mrs Sharing Sofa Personalised Cushion

This one is for all the married couples out there to share and makes a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.

This cushion is designed just for you and your other half to enjoy! Just add your surname and the day you got married or the day you moved in together and you’ve got a completely unique cushion to share when you’re relaxing on the sofa.

Add it to the sofa for a special surprise for your other half on Valentine’s Day – we can guarantee they will love it just as much as you do!

3. Be My Valentine Personalised Photo Jigsaw

When you think of personalised Valentine’s Day gifts for your other half, we think a jigsaw is probably not high on your list.

But this one has a wonderful twist and makes a great gift for you and that special someone to share!

Choose a special photograph, add a little message and you’ve got a personalised jigsaw gift for you both to build. Work together to put the pieces together and we’re sure your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend will love the surprise of finding out what picture and message you chose for the both of you!

When you’ve finished building the jigsaw you could leave it together to admire or take it apart to re-build it again and again! We’re sure you’ll love to share this gift year after year.

4. Personalised His and Her Mugs

If you both love a mug of tea or coffee in the morning then why not get special personalised gifts of a his and hers mug you’ll love to share every day.

These special mugs were made to be used at the same time so you and your other half will be able to enjoy every drink you have together from them.

They’re not an ordinary pair of mugs – you can add your own special message to the reverse so every sip will remind you of what you mean to each other.

Perfect for Valentine’s Day and then every day afterwards!

5. Luxury Personalised Coffee Hamper

If you and your other half really love your coffee in the morning then this is the perfect gift for both of you.

Spoil yourselves with a luxury hamper full of tasty coffee and treats including cookies and chocolate for you both to enjoy.

The coffee tin can be personalised with a special message and name so why not add some special words or a little saying that means the world to both of you.

This hamper is perfect for a lazy Valentine’s Day morning and contains enough treats and coffee to keep you both happy long after February 14th (depending on your willpower of course)!

6. Personalised Heart Shaped Chopping Board

We think this is a fabulous way to personalise your kitchen with a gift both of you can use every day!

The heart chopping board can be engraved with a message, so why not add a little note that is special to both of you to create a perfect sharing gift for Valentine’s Day.

Even if you decide not to use it as a chopping board, this makes a wonderful decorative addition to your kitchen and means your special message will always be there for both of you to cherish.

Take a look at our full range of Personalised Valentine’s Day Gifts on The Personalised Gift Shop now!