Top pet facts and personalised pet gifts for National Pet Month!

National Pet Month is a registered charity that aims to spread the word on responsible pet ownership and raise money for the host of charity events they run throughout the year.

This year the charity’s theme, besides loving your pets of course, is ‘Pets and the elderly: enjoying later years together.’

National Pet Month started on April 1 and runs to May 4.

So, as we are in the midst of this charity event, why not take a look at the weird and wonderful dog and cat facts we have dug up for you?

Facts about dogs and cats

Did you know the dog was one of the first animals to be domesticated by humans? It is thought people have treated dogs as pets for around 10,000 years.

Dogs have around 100 facial expressions, and a lot of these are made with their ears!

The average dog is as intelligent as a two-year-old child.

Most people think dogs are colour blind, but actually they can see blue, yellow, green and grey. They can see red too but it only appears in shades of grey.

Not only can they see colours, dogs also have a special membrane in their eyes that enables them to see in the dark!

A dog’s sense of smell is between 10,000 and 100,000 times more acute than a human’s, so keep an eye on that food you left in the kitchen!

Dogs share the same type of slow wave sleep and rapid eye movement as we do, which means they can dream just like us!

Puppies have 28 teeth and adult dogs have 42!

At the end of The Beatles’ song ‘A Day in the Life’, a high-pitched whistle was recorded that only dogs can hear! So next time you play the song, watch your dog at the end!

Newfoundlands are great swimmers because of their webbed feet! But not all dogs share this skill – Basset Hounds are unable to swim at all!

A pack of kittens is called a kindle!

Cats are known as obligate carnivores – this means that they cannot survive on a vegetarian diet.

In the wild, cats prefer to drink from flowing water rather than still water, as still water could be stagnant.

Cats have more than 230 bones, compared to just 206 in a human. This makes them extra flexible which is why they often sneak through tiny spaces and leave us wondering how they managed it!

On average, cats spend around two thirds of the day sleeping!

Cats do not have a sweet tooth. Scientists believe this is related to a mutation in a taste receptor.

In 1963, a French cat called Felicette (Astrocat) was sent into space with electrodes implanted into its brain. Neurosignals were sent back to earth and Felicette survived the trip!

And here’s some cat vs. dog facts!

According to research by the University of Michigan, cats have a better memory than dogs. A cat’s short-term memory can last as long as 16 hours, compared to a mere five minutes for a dog!

An adult cat can run at about 12 miles per hour and sprint at nearly 30 miles per hour. Meanwhile, a Greyhound can reach speeds of around 45 miles per hour!

In the UK in 2013, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) estimated there were 8.5 million pet cats, and… 8.5 million pet dogs! It’s a tie!

A cat’s brain is biologically closer to a human’s than a dog’s is.

Cats, unlike dogs, never truly become domesticated. The selective breeding process of cats has had very little impact on their basic behaviours from the wild.

Treat your pet!

We know you don’t need a reason to spoil your beloved pet (or pets) but if you can’t treat your moggy, dog or whatever wonderful creature during National Pet Month, when can you?

So why not make the most of this month and really spoil your favourite animals with some great personalised pet gifts?

Or you could even stick with this year’s theme and treat someone older who has a pet.

We’ve come up with our favourite selection of personalised pet gifts we think are a fabulous way to celebrate having a pet!

Personalised Luxury Blue Pet Blanket

Why not celebrate National Pet Month with a blanket for your special pet?

Even the most lively dog (or cat) needs somewhere to chill out, so why not treat them to a blanket that you make completely personal!

The blanket is embroidered with your pet’s name to make ‘[Name]’s Blanket’ with two paw prints.

It’s a truly special gift for that truly special pet, perfect for the house or the car!

My Cat Shiny Silver Photo Frame / My Dog Shiny Silver Photo Frame

Cats and dogs often end up being at the centre of the funniest moments, and if you happen to be lucky enough to catch their funny antics on camera, you should definitely display the photos with pride!

Maybe your pooch or moggy has managed to strike a pose you think is hilarious or perhaps you’re off to university or leaving home and want a memory of your pet while you’re away.

A personalised pet photo frame could even make a special gift for someone who adores their pet or has just lost a special dog or cat.

Whatever the reason, a special photo of your pet deserves to be framed, and what better than in a personalised frame!

The top of the frame is engraved ‘My Cat / My Dog’ and the bottom is engraved with your very own special message!

It’s the perfect way to create a unique keepsake for your dog or cat!

Our Cat / Dog Personalised Canvas Print

Perfect for anyone who wants to show off their cat or dog and create a unique canvas dedicated to their special pet!

A personalised canvas print is a great way to capture the name and a unique message for your cat or dog and display it around your home!

The collar is personalised with the name of the pet and your own special message is printed underneath!

It’s the perfect personalised gift so you’ll always remember that special cat or dog (or any other cute and collared pet you might have!)

What’s more, you can choose the colour and size of your canvas!

Luxury Brown / Cream Pet Throw

Give your dog or cat the ultimate personalised pet gift, a luxury pet throw complete with their name on!

Choose your pet’s name and it will feature in the corner of the throw to create a special treat for your pet.

Available in brown or cream and features a paw print pattern.

Use it to cover up that sofa your dog has always wanted to curl up on and save stray hairs from getting everywhere!

Micro Fibre Pet Mat

If your dog or cat has a habit of making a bit of a mess at meal times, a personalised pet mat is sure to help keep things tidy!

Choose a name to be added to the mat and you’ve got a unique mat especially for your dog or cat!

The mat stays in place and absorbs any splashes when your pet is eating or drinking.

A cushioned mat also adds that extra comfort for your cat or dog when they’re tucking in at meal times!

It’s especially handy if you’ve got more than one pet bowl to keep track of!

What’s more, the mat is machine washable and folds away so you can take it along when you travel and store it away neatly!

So, why not take a look at our full range of Personalised Pet Gifts and see what you can treat your dog or cat (or other pet) to during National Pet Month!