Top nine things to do with your dad on Father's Day

Father’s Day is coming up, so naturally we’re all wondering what on earth to buy our dads!

It can be a battle just trying to think of anything beyond the Father’s Day card when it comes to dads.

Thinking of something original compared to what you’ve bought for the past five years can be even more troublesome (for gift inspiration for dad click here).

So why not do something different and spend some quality time with your dad this year?

Here’s our top nine Father's Day themed activities for you and dad on June 21st!

Take him out to his favourite restaurant

There’s no better day to spoil your dad to his favourite meal than on Father’s Day! So tell him to pull a nice shirt on and take him to his favourite restaurant. He’s sure to love being treated to a tasty meal in the company of his kids and all the family!

Go and watch his football team (or another sport)

If your dad loves his football, rugby, motorbikes or any other sport, why not treat him to a trip out to go and see them live in action.

Chances are if he’s a true sports mad chap you’ll already have an idea of where to take him in your head as you’re reading this, so what are you waiting for?

You can’t go wrong with showing your support for his favourite team!

Go to the cinema

These days there’s always a good film to watch at the cinema, so why not do some investigating, find out what he’d like to see and book some tickets!

Don’t forget to treat him to the comfy seats too, you know he deserves them!

Watch his favourite films

If you’re on a budget, why not get some popcorn in and let your dad choose his favourite film to watch on the sofa at home?

You might just discover a new favourite film of your own thanks to your dad!

Get the whole family to go on a weekend trip

Make a whole weekend of Father’s Day and book a trip away to somewhere he’s always wanted to visit.

You don’t have to go abroad, there’s a great variety of places to stay whether you’re looking for a city break or a countryside trip to truly relax!

This also gives you the chance to book a few trips, a nice restaurant or spoil him with a special gift while he’s away!

Perfect if you’ve got the kids to look after as well – a country retreat would be stuffed full of activities for the kids and there are plenty of museums and fun places for youngsters in the city too!

Book a special experience together

Why not treat your dad to something he’s never done before? There’s a whole host of different activities you could surprise him with, from a segway experience to a boat trip or a theatre visit.

So whether your dad loves the outdoors or would relish an evening performance in a top theatre, there’s something for every kind of dad when it comes to experience days.

Cook lunch at home

Do some investigating, find out dad’s favourite meal, and prepare it for him at home!

Sure, this sounds like a bit of hard work, but isn’t your dad worth it?! Let him put his feet up, serve him his favourite ale and get preparing a special meal especially for him.

He will love that you have gone to the effort of preparing it for him and he can enjoy the day with his family in the comfort of his old home!

If you’re stuck for ideas of what to cook, why not prepare something he’s never had before for a unique experience he will love!

Just make sure you’ve done your homework about what he likes and doesn’t like – it would be awkward to present him with a meal you’ve slaved over when he really dislikes one of the main ingredients!

Make him breakfast in bed

Let him wake up to a special breakfast served up in bed! Serve up all his favourites on a tray and make it extra special by popping some little flowers or a card onto the tray too, so he can eat his breakfast and open his Father’s Day card at the same time.

Do some housework or gardening before he wakes up

If he’s always complaining that there’s too much clutter around the house or he’s planning to mow the lawn and sort out the weeds, why not get in there and sort it out for him before he even wakes up on Father’s Day?

Get out there and start sprucing up the garden so he can come down to a spotless house and a garden Alan Titchmarsh would be proud of.

You could even set up a deck chair and a table with his favourite drink on so he can put his feet up and admire the garden!

Have you got any ideas about what you’d like to do for your dad on Father’s Day? Let us know if you’ve got an idea we haven’t thought of!

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