Top four Father's Day mistakes

If you’re feeling lost about Father’s Day, read on to find out the things you definitely shouldn’t be doing for June 21st.

Hopefully our list of don'ts will inspire you to think up some great Father’s Day plans and gifts instead!

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For a happy Father’s Day, read on and discover what not to do for your dad.

You can thank us later…

Don’t ignore Father’s Day

This one makes us feel all sad inside just thinking about it.

Did you know on average people spend 50 per cent less on Father’s Day compared to Mother’s Day?

And one in five dads don’t even get a Father’s Day card on this special day!

Sure, you might have given five minutes of your lunchtime to an idle browse on the internet before thinking to yourself “I always buy the same thing every year for him anyway,” and promptly giving up.

If you’re guilty of this, hang your head in shame!

The only thing worse than buying the same thing you bought him last year would be to buy nothing at all!

So rather than condemning your dad to a Father’s Day of nothing, why not take the time to jot down some things you know he enjoys and plan a Father’s Day he will always remember.

It could be a nice walk, a trip to his favourite restaurant or even a day out to one of his favourite places.

Even though he won’t say it, ignoring Father’s Day would definitely hurt his feelings!

Don’t make a pretend voucher

Sure, this worked when you were in primary school and your teacher got you to draw a voucher to give to your dad on Father’s Day, offering to clean his car or help in the garden.

But chances are you’re a bit older than five, and a handmade voucher offering to clean your dad’s car just isn’t going to cut it (especially when we all know you won’t really follow up on your offer!)

A handmade voucher might have been adorable when you could still count your age on your fingers.

But to give dad one now comes complete with a big flashing indication that you completely forgot Father’s Day, and in a last minute panic you grabbed your old felt tips and cobbled together a scribbled note.

You earn a point or two for not being empty-handed on Father’s Day, but really those points should be revoked for presenting your dad with the same thing primary school kids up and down the country will be giving their dads!

Leave the vouchers to the toddlers and find your dad something he will truly appreciate!

Don’t be grumpy on Father’s Day

So, you’ve made sure you’re free to spend the day with dad.

And you’ve had the genius idea of letting him choose what to do because you’ve given up your free time to be with him and surely that’s enough effort!

You couldn’t be more wrong.

Your dad will be able to tell you’re grumpy straight away, especially if you’re feeling bitter about sacrificing a day where you’d usually be going out shopping with friends or having a lazy day catching up on TV.

This is going to make your dad feel hurt, and he’s not going to want to suggest anything that will leave you with a scowl on your face that lasts all day.

We’re not saying there’s anything wrong with spending the day with your dad. In fact, we think that’s a great idea.

What we are saying is you should embrace Father’s Day and be armed with a wonderful variety of things to do on the day.

This way he has the chance to choose something he likes (and you’ve approved of) or if you’re confident you know what his favourite restaurant is, book it in advance and surprise him.

But always remember to be in a good mood and give a smile for your dad on his special day, he’s worth it!

Don’t hijack a sibling’s idea

This is the number one way to cause trouble on Father’s Day and is guaranteed to end with at least one squabble.

If your brother or sister has planned a gift or a trip out on Father’s Day, the worst thing you can do is jump aboard and pretend it was a shared idea.

You’re going to make your sibling angry and hurt and they definitely won’t take kindly to your dad giving you praise for something you did nothing towards (especially if it cost money).

If your sibling spills the beans then your dad is going to be hurt you did nothing for him on Father’s Day and that you decided to try and mask it by pinching a gift!

If you're stuck for ideas in the run-up to Father’s Day and you know your brother or sister is planning something, get in touch and ask if you can help out and make it a shared gift for your dad.

If they don’t want to share their gift then at least you tried and you’ve still got time to come up with something of your own.

Have you had any disasters on Father’s Day? Or if you’re a dad, what was the worst Father’s Day gift you ever had? Share your stories with us!

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