Top five Personalised Stag Gifts for a memorable Stag Party!

Your best mate is getting married, so, for you that means organising the best stag party known to man.

No pressure.

Well, lucky for you we can take the pressure out of making an unforgettable stag do. We’ve put our heads together to choose our top five personalised stag gifts that will make your mate’s ‘last night of freedom’ one to remember.

Stags have come a long way since the centuries-old tradition of formal bachelor parties.

This means you’ve got so much to choose from to do for the party, whether you want to go for a night out in a new city or arrange activities from paintballing to a weekend in Prague.

But have you thought about the little extras that will make the event so much better?

Seeing as we covered our top hen party items (stray hens click here and we’ll get you to the right place), we thought it was about time we looked at our top stag party items.

Regardless of what you have planned for the stag party, it’s sure to get better when you add mementos that every stag will be able to look back on and remember what you pulled off for your best mate.

So, here’s our favourite personalised stag gifts……

Personalised Beer Labels

Start off the stag party with a surprise when you reveal the groom’s very own bottles of beer!

These labels can be customised to include the name of the groom and the pack includes 48 labels with six different designs!

All you need to do is stick the labels onto your favourite beer and you’ve got a personal touch to get the stag off to a great start.

Personalised T-Shirt

Every great stag do has t-shirts! Let everyone know you’re on a stag do with your very own t-shirt complete with a design of your choice.

Choose a message, the name of the groom, a photo or a logo and you’ve got a t-shirt for every stag!

At the very least the stags will be easy to spot so you don’t lose anyone during your weekend away!

Personalised Ceramic Mug

Now these will definitely come in useful for the morning after the stag night.

Personalise with a picture and a message and you’ve got a personalised gift for everyone. Perfect for that hangover-tackling coffee you know every stag will need!

Choose a fun photo whether it’s a picture of all of you together or a funny photo of the groom to reveal a fun gift the morning after his ‘last night of freedom’.

Personalised Bottle of Vodka

For a personalised gift that’s sure to go down a treat, a personalised bottle of vodka is a great gift for the groom to enjoy and keep as a memory of his stag party.

The label of the bottle is printed with your own choice of message, whether you want to give the groom some words of wisdom or thank every stag for being a part of the weekend/day.

You can make each bottle individual or give every stag the same. Perfect to remember what a great weekend everyone had before the wedding day!

Personalised Medal

For a bit of fun at the stag party, why not award each stag with a medal?

Choose a specific type of award or title for each stag and it will be engraved on the medal for you!

Hold your own award ceremony for the stags and present each with their special medal – it’s sure to bring a smile to everyone’s faces and what’s more, it makes a great memento for each stag to remember the party by.

For more inspiration take a look at our full range of Personalised Stag Gifts now!