Top five personalised First Holy Communion gifts

A first holy communion is a pretty important time for any youngster.

And if you’ve been invited to join the family to witness the first reception of the sacrament of the Eucharist, you’ll want to give something special to mark the occasion.

But, of course, searching for a meaningful and unique gift for a religious occasion is easier said than done and it’s easy to get stuck in a seemingly never-ending search for something you feel proud to give.

So, to save you the anguish of going round in circles, we’ve put together our top five communion gifts just for you.

And what’s more, each gift is personalised so you can add that unique touch and make a gift they won’t forget.

Did you know that traditionally the communicant would receive gift such as rosaries, prayer books, religious statues and other items relating to the Catholic Church?

But nowadays there is more flexibility when it comes to gifts for a First Holy Communion. Even though this is a traditional religious ceremony, it doesn’t mean you have to stick to the rules when it comes to gift-buying. Why not pick something a little different for this once-in-a-lifetime ceremony?

1. On Your First Holy Communion Personalised Teddy Bear

Every youngster loves teddy bears, so how about a personalised ted to remind them of their special day every time they have a hug?

This little bear wears a t-shirt that can be made unique with a name and message of your choice, complete with a First Holy Communion image and the words ‘On Your First Holy Communion’.

He’s cute and cuddly and sure to remind your favourite little one of their communion every time they take a look at their adorable little bear!

Besides, if they’re a little nervous about their communion, presenting a cute teddy bear beforehand means they can hug the nerves away!

2. Personalised Cross Design Photo Album

What better way to capture all the memories of the day than in a handmade cross design photo album?

You can make it completely unique by adding a name, date and venue to the front cover. A wonderful way to look back on their First Holy Communion and keep all their memories safe for years to come.

What’s more, you can even start the album off for them by adding some of your favourite snaps and notes to the scrapbook-style pages!

3. First Holy Communion Personalised Bookmark

If they’re a little bookworm then you can’t go wrong with a personalised bookmark especially for them on their First Holy Communion.

You add their name and a special little message, so every time they pick up a book they will be taken back to their communion.

Make it extra special with a personal message so that they always remember you were there to share their day with them too.

The bookmark features the words ‘First Holy Communion’ above a silver cross and your own words are printed underneath.

4. 1st Holy Communion Candle

If you’re a stickler for keeping to traditions then this is the perfect way to put your own touch onto a timeless religious gift.

The personalised Holy Communion candle is made completely individual with a name, date and venue of your choice.

To make it extra special the candle is wrapped up in clear packaging and finished with a ribbon for a special and smart gift.

The candle also features a printed cross for that extra special reminder of how important the day is to them.

5. Personalised Prayer Pillowcase

If you’re looking outside the box for a communion gift that nobody else has thought of, then look no further than a fun yet special prayer pillowcase.

All you need to add is a name and a message to create a unique pillowcase they are sure to love every time they use it.

The design features an open book surrounded by stars and the top of the pillow says ‘[Name]’s Prayer Pillow’.

Your personal message is printed underneath the book.

What did you receive for your First Holy Communion? Let us know!

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