Top 5 New Year resolutions, chosen by The Personalised Gift Shop!

Did you know that only eight per cent of us actually succeed at fulfilling our New Year resolutions?

And one of the most-commonly broken New Year's resolutions is losing weight and getting fit, along with quitting smoking, volunteering and to be less stressed!

The idea of setting ourselves resolutions for the New Year is a tradition dating back thousands of years, with the ancient festival of Akitu which marked New Year in March, not January.

Here at The Personalised Gift Shop want to keep this tradition going, but there's no point in setting yourself unachievable goals.

So, take a look at our selection of resolutions we are determined not to break, and we're sharing them with you!

1. Have a good clear-out

There's no better time than the New Year to have a good clear out of all the junk you don't need anymore.

You will no doubt have a whole host of new goodies from friends and family for Christmas, so rather than try and store these new items away amongst the old, have a big tidy up and de-clutter to make way for the new!

Get in the attic and make yourself go through those boxes. There's no need to keep the old Christmas tree if you've got another, and you definitely don't need those ornaments wrapped in newspaper from the 90s!

One good rule to follow when having a big clear out at home is to ask yourself whether you have used an item in the last six months. If you haven't then chances are you probably forgot it existed, or you're just trying to kid yourself that it will come in useful one day.

So commit to getting rid, and you will be amazed at the amount of space you really have at home!

2. Enjoy every day to its fullest

Yes, this one seems a little vague. But we think it's one of the most important resolutions in our list.

We spend so much time looking forward to things, telling ourselves we will be happy when we achieve something else, that we forget to be happy and just enjoy now!

Yes, you might be in work, it might be a Monday, it might be raining outside. But we - and you - know there's so much to be grateful for.

So turn that frown upside down and just enjoy yourself!

3. Learn something new

Learning should never stop at the end of your school, college or university days!

Most of us stop taking on new challenges once we settle into the world of work and grown-up stuff. But we shouldn't.

A study has shown that adults who learn something new are keeping their mind young, reducing stress and fighting off depression. So, not only are you learning a new skill, you're doing your brain a huge favour!

Is there an instrument you've always dreamed of being able to play? A new sport? A fascinating subject or language?

For New Year, book yourself a music lesson, get on a course or join your local football or netball team.

Not only will this resolution improve your mood, give you a great new skill and even keep you fit, it could even open doors in your career or bring new friends into your life.

It's a win win resolution!

4. Remove negative people from your life

If you're in a good mood, and someone comes along who you know is bringing you down, you don't need that in your life!

We all agree that you owe it to yourself to cut out negative, glass half-empty people and surround yourself with people who make you feel good about yourself.

Research over many centuries has come to the conclusion that we tend to adopt the general mood of people around us, even without realising it. So being around other people who are not so chirpy may be stealing your happiness!

Whether it's an ex who brings your mood down, a friend who's permanently whining in your ear about all their problems, or someone at work who just has nothing good to say, you have a right to live in a negativity-free zone!

Of course, we don't mean to say that anyone who comes to you with a problem needs to be banished from your presence, but if someone is taking up your time but not giving anything in return, then you need to confront the situation or walk away from it!

So, take some time to think about anyone who might be making you less happy and take action!

This also brings us back to resolution number two - enjoy every moment and spread your happiness around.

5. Travel more

This doesn't mean round-the-world travel. Whether it's a Sunday afternoon jaunt or somewhere a little further afield, any journey is a good one.

Not only do you learn more about where you're going, you meet new people and it's healthy!

Yes, that's right. A study by The US Travel Association found that travel decreases the risk of heart attacks and depression and boosts brain function. So make sure to book some hard-earned holiday time and get out there!

Do you have any resolutions you think we should add to our list? Get in touch with us here at The Personalised Gift Shop and tell us all about them!