Taking time out just for us is considered a luxury

Pamper Experience Days - Makeovers

We all have busy lives, so much so that taking time out just for us is considered a luxury, rather than a necessity.

Wouldn't it be nice, therefore, to give someone special - a family member, close friend, or someone in need of some TLC, for instance, to enjoy a complete makeover and subsequent photoshoot as a birthday, Christmas, anniversary, or just-because gift?

Everyone appreciates how a flattering hair style gives a lift. Makeover days can even incorporate a haircut from a top stylist. What's more, a professional hair stylist will understand the styles that will make the most of your giftee's face shape and hair type. The results will speak for themselves.

Makeover experience days are just the thing for anyone who likes to look good. Your giftee will receive a glass of champagne, before settling down to a pampering makeover, again from professionals. This usually involves a hand beauty treatment and skin refresh, followed by a contemporary makeup session.

But the VIP treatment does not stop there. Feeling a million dollars, and looking like an A-list celebrity, your giftee will then be treated to a photographic session with a top photographer. Afterwards, they can select a complementary A4 sized print, which they can keep as an enduring mememto of their fabulous makeover experience day.

Pamper Experience Days are also hosted for mothers and daughters, best friends, and partners. Indeed, what better way than a makeover experience day to celebrate a landmark birthday or engagement announcement?