The Most Extravagant Celeb Valentine's Day Gifts



As a gift company we thought we'd take a look at 14 of the most expensive Valentine's Day Gifts that celebrities have bought for their other halves on the day filled with love-hearts, chocolates, flowers and apparently an expensive bill!



1. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie - $20,000

Back in 2010 Angelina Jolie decided to think out of the box when buying the other half of Brangelina a Valentine's Day gift. She bought her then-boyfriend a 200 year old olive tree for the garden of their French Château as the plant symbolises peace, longevity, and stability.

With 2010 conversion that's a remarkable £12,937 for a very old plant.



2. Beyoncé and Jay-Z - $24,000

In 2009 Queen B was treated to a new mobile phone by Jay-Z. However, he decided to cover that phone in platinum to make it suitable and saw the price rise as the expensive mental was poured.
With the 2009 conversion rate Jay-Z would have forked out £15,331 for the phone - for that price we hope she still has it!


3. George Clooney and Sarah Larson - $40,000

Back in 2008 when Larson was dating the famous Ocean's Eleven actor, he decided to treat her to a romantic get-away in Las Vagas. The couple stayed at the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa in Las Vegas' Playboy Tower which featured an indoor waterfall, a round rotating bed complete with mirrors on the ceiling, a swimming pool, plasma TVs, a massage room, exercise room, sauna, media room and two bedrooms.

The happy couple, who broke up one year later, also went to the Cirque Du Soleil Beatles show and had dinner at Nove. With the 2008 conversion rate that still comes to £21,558 for just the room!



4. Courtney Cox and David Arquette - $45,000

In 2010 Courtney Cox decided to take a leaf out of Jolie's book when buying a Valentine's Day gift for her then-husband. Cox gave Arquette a unusual, but beautiful antique carousel horse which was estimated to have cost up to $45,000.

When you apply the 2010 conversion rate that's £29,109.



5. Jerry O’Connell and Rebecca Romijn - $52,000

O'Connell and then-finacee Romijn had taken a holiday to wine country before Valentine's day 2006 so the actor decided to remind his soon-to-be wife of this lovely holiday when it came to the day of love. O'Connell had $52,000 worth of grapevines planted on their home ranch for Valentine's day 2006 and now the wine from those vines is even available at some LA restaurants.

This experience with a green thumb would have put O'Connell back £28,216 based on 2006 conversion rates.

Image via Instagram

6. Kylie Jenner and Tyga: Watch - $67,783.

With a big sister like Kim Kardashian it's hardly surprising that Kylie Jenner is used to the finer things in life. Her boyfriend Tyga continued to provide her with these 'finer things' on Valentine's Day 2016 when he bought her a Hublot watch.

Although the official price can't be confirmed, similar styles are about the £50,000 mark ($67,783 based on 2016 conversion rates) and on top of the watch, Jenner was also treated to a helicopter ride around New York!



7. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West - $73,000

Having mentioned Kim Kardashian earlier you must have guessed she would appear further down on our most extravagant valentine's Day list – especially with a husband like Kanye West. Before they got married, Kanye treated Kim to an extravagant 2013 Valentine's Present – a Panthere De Cartier cuff featuring diamonds, emeralds and white gold.

Based on 2013 conversion rates, the cuff came to an eye-watering £46,652.



8. Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman - $78,500

Would it really be Valentine's Day without some sort of celebrity proposal? In 2005 Jordan Bratman popped the question to then-girlfriend Christina Aguilera with a 5 carat diamond and platinum engagement ring, estimated to have cost him $78,500.

If you take into account 2005 conversion rates that's £43,125.



9. Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan - $5,000-$100,000

Tatum frequently treats his wife, Dewan to jewellery from Neil Lane, a popular designer whose jewellery can range from $5,000 for something simple to well over $100,000 for something custom-made. However in 2012 Tatum bought her a piece of jewellery from the designer that Dewan commented on particularly, although she never revealed it to journalists – we'll let you wonder as to what price range it may have fallen into.

For that price bracket in 2012 we're looking at between £3,154 - £63,096.



10. Vince Vaughn and Kyla Weber - $125,000

In 2009 Vaughn kept up with the most reliable Valentine's Day tradition and proposed to his then-girlfriend Kyla Weber. Apparently he got down on one knee and asked the lovely lady to marry him with a 4 carat diamond ring set in platinum, believed to have cost $125,000.

With 2009 conversion rates that's £79,854 and a lot of money to spend on an engagement ring!



11. Howard Stern and Beth Ostrosky - $250,000

You may think Vaughn spent a lot on an engagement ring but his pretty total was only half of what Howard Stern paid two years earlier when he proposed to then-girlfriend Beth Ostrosky on Valentine's day 2007. Stern proposed with a 5.2 carat emerald-cut ring rumoured to be worth $250,000.

That's £124,902 based on the conversion rate from 2007 (the best in the last decade!).



12. Katy Parry and Russell Brand - $340,000+

They may have split in 2011, but Katy Perry really splashed out on Valentine's day 2010 when she bought Brand a Bentley. But Perry didn't just buy Brand any Bentley, she pushed the boat out and bought him a lilac-coloured Bentley Brooklands car based on the same one The Who’s late drummer Keith Moon used to have. The standard pricing for this car was $340,000 so no-one really knows just how much Perry splashed out!
Based on the conversion rates for 2010, that's a minimum spend of £219,937.

Image via Romain Drapri



13. David and Victoria Beckham - $8 million

Barely anyone knows more about money than a former pop-star come fashion designer and her football superstar hubby, but the money that David spent on Victoria's 2006 Valentine's day present is just awe-inspiring. The footballer bought his wife an $8 million Bulgari necklace on their 10th Valentine's day together.

That necklace comes to a whopping £4,341,064!


14. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes - $20 million

Way back in 2005 when this pair were still a happily married couple Cruise really pushed the boat, sorry, plane out on Valentine's Day. As our poor joke suggested, Cruise spent $20 million dollars on a Gulfstream Jet for his then-wife and we can't even wrap our heads around that.
Even without conversion rates that an astounding amount of money to spend on Valentine's Day, but it comes to £10,987,374 so nearly £11 million!



If you want to buy your other half a romantic (but a lot less expensive) gift this Valentine's Day then why not take a look at our lovely Valentine's Day Gifts Section.


Conversion rates based on information from UKForEx, but do not take into account the cost of inflation over the last decade.