The Big Bun Debate

This morning a photo of a round style of bread was posted on our The Personalised Gift Shop Facebook page, we asked people to tell us what they called it based on where they are from. We had quite a lot of answers so we had a bit of a search around to get the actual definitions. The following was taken from Wikipedia* and tells us some of the many definitions of a bread bun (Or whatever you call it!)

Have a look and tell us where you are from!

Here is the image causing quite a stir on Facebook!


Bread roll or just roll.

Cob a round roll, either soft or crusty; a term often used in the East Midlands

Breadcake the soft roll that is used in the making of sandwiches; a term often used in Hull, Humberside, where the un-educated still call it a cake and still claim to live in Yorkshire.

Bap (often a larger soft roll, roughly 5-6 inches in diameter). May contain fats such as lard or butter to provide tenderness. Can come in multiple shapes dependent on region. Baps as traditionally made in Scotland are not sweet, unlike the Irish version which may contain currants. The 9th Edition of the Concise Oxford Dictionary (1995) says that the word "bap" dates from the 16th century and that its origin is unknown.

Barm or barm cake Term used in Liverpool/Lancashire... is a flat, often floured, savoury, small bread made using a natural leaven including mashed hops to stop it souring. It is also slang for a batch.

Batch, a Wirral and Atherstone Coventry term, a soft floured bread roll.

Bin lid, a large round soft white or brown roll common in Merseyside.

Blaa, a doughy, white bread roll. A speciality found in Waterford, Ireland.

Bulkie roll, a type of roll with a crust that is usually slightly crisp or crunchy and has no toppings.

Bun (e.g., hamburger bun or hot dog bun).

Buttery, a flat savoury roll from Aberdeen.

Dinner roll, a smaller roll, often crusty.

Dollar roll, a small silver-dollar-sized roll, often sliced and used for sandwiches.

Finger roll, a soft roll about three times longer than it is wide.

Flour cake is also used, along with barm, in Bolton.

French roll, often used as a generic term for the bread roll but also a sweeter softer roll with milk added to the dough.

Italian roll, also known as a hoagie roll, long roll or steak roll, a long, narrow roll with an airy, dry interior and crusty exterior.

Kaiser roll, a crusty round roll, often topped with poppy seeds or sesame seeds, made by folding corners of a square inward so that their points meet.

Kummelweck, a kaiser roll or bulkie roll that is topped with a mixture of kosher salt and caraway seeds. This type of roll is a regional variation found primarily in parts of Germany and in Upstate New York.

Manchet, a yeast roll popular with the Tudor Court of which there are many variations.

Muffin Some people in the UK refer to a bread roll as a "muffin" (commonly used in Rochdale, Oldham, Bury, Ashton-Under-Lyne, Salford and parts of West Yorkshire), although a muffin is also a separate, distinct form of bread product. See English muffin.

Nudger, a long soft white or brown roll similar to a large finger roll common in Liverpool.

Oven bottom, a Lancashire term for a flat, floury, soft roll.

Stottie cake, a thick, flat, round loaf. Stotties are common in North East England.

Teacake, an oven bottom that has risen and slightly browned on top Yorkshire & Lancashire

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