The 8 parts to organising a hassle-free Christening

You’re planning a Christening for your little one, congratulations!

But organising all the little details that make up this special day can be more complicated than you first thought.

Here at The Personalised Gift Shop, we know how important it is to have every aspect of the day covered so you are free to enjoy the day with your family and friends.

1. Arrange the church and/or venue

Of course, your first stop for a traditional Christening ceremony is the church. Get in touch with the vicar of your desired church to check availability for Christenings.

Some churches expect the family to attend services in the weeks or months leading up to your child’s Christening, so it’s important to find out whether you are expected to do this - of course, if you regularly attend the church anyway you have nothing to worry about!

Think about the duration of the service and how many guests you’re having when you book a venue for a party afterwards. If you’re having a gathering immediately following the ceremony it’s great to have the venue prepared for everyone coming straight from the church.

2. Invitations

Sending invites to your guests is a traditional and formal way to tell them your little one is being christened.

It also gives you the chance to send out quality directions to the church and any other venues you might have. If you have family or friends travelling from afar, letting them know of parking information and overnight accommodation within the invite is also a considerate thing to do.

Don’t forget to invite the vicar to your party venue as a thank you!

3. Meet the vicar

It’s good practice to arrange to meet the vicar in advance. Whether you have specific ideas for the service or you have questions to ask, this is the perfect way to discuss them and gives the vicar a chance to get to know you, your family and the godparents too!

The vicar will also want to discuss the ceremony with you and the godparents to make sure everyone understands the arrangements.

4. Clothing

There are many outfits available for little ones being christened, and you can even have outfits tailor-made for such ceremonies.

Just remember that babies and young children grow fast - being too organised could backfire if your little one has grown out of the outfit by the time the Christening day has arrived.

Spare clothing and a towel on the day is a good idea, just in case your child’s outfit gets wet and cold.

5. Venue decorations

It’s always nice to make the after-Christening venue nice and pretty to celebrate your little one’s special day in style. If you’re having a party at home, decorate the room the night before to save the hassle of it in the morning.

If you are having your party at a venue, check to see whether they will decorate the space for you or whether you could come in earlier to add some balloons or decorative items.

6. Entertainment

For a party with lots of little ones, consider a venue with a play area or a park so that there’s plenty of fun to be had while the adults chat!

Having something for the grown-ups can be good too. Holding a commemorative sky lantern release or even a tree planting at home is a wonderful event for your friends and family to be part of.

7. Gifts

Let your guests know in advance (preferably on your invitations) of your wishes regarding gifts.

If you would prefer to have no gifts at all, this is conveyed much more effectively in a written or printed invite. However if you are willing to accept gifts from your guests, it is generally better not to state this, or worse still, tell them what you want.

This could easily come across as rude and could put some guests in a difficult position if they were not expecting to have to purchase a gift.

8. Gifts for godparents

Your child’s godparents have an important role both on the day of the Christening and throughout your little one’s development and adulthood.

Therefore a gift to remind them of their special role is a great idea to present on the Christening day.

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