Six simple rules to be a top godparent

It’s a big honour to become a child’s godparent.

But with the honour comes responsibility.

It’s not as simple as just gaining the title of godparent, you need to fulfil it by being a part of the youngster’s life!

Traditionally a godparent was a religious sponsor for a youngster and ensured their spiritual upbringing.

But nowadays there’s a whole different side to becoming a godparent involving guiding the child to grow into a well-rounded individual.

And this gives you the chance to really have fun with your new job title!

If you’re fretting about your godparent duties before they have even begun, don’t! We have listed the best tips to take on your new job with ease!

So, read on to effortlessly become a top godparent in the 21st century!

1. Be proud that the parents have offered you the role!

It’s not about being savvy with the bible or knowing all the big events in Christianity (well, it is a little bit). But by far the most important role of being a godparent is to be there for the child.

And the parents have chosen you to be there.

Rather than fretting over the variety of different roles you should play for this youngster, take a moment to feel proud that your friends feel you are a great role model for their child and want you to be a part of the little one’s upbringing.

Accepting that the child’s parents know you would make a great godparent is the main step in taking on the role. Trust that the parents know you can do it!

Of course, if the parents of the little one are religious then it’s definitely worthwhile getting some knowledge of the requirements of your role as godparent, because chances are they will want at least some religious influences from you!

2. Distance is no excuse for not being there in the 21st century!

Distance can be a top excuse for people to turn down the role of becoming a godparent, or to accept the role but fail to be there for the child as they grow.

This might have been an issue in the not so distant past but now technology has paved a way for us to communicate with ease, wherever we are.

Use Skype, email or social media to stay in touch with your godchild and share memories and experiences with each other.

This way, your godchild will appreciate your presence and understand that you are there for them whenever they need you.

3. Try and be there physically for big occasions.

Sure, the internet does remove the hurdle of keeping in touch with your godchild if you are far away from them, but that doesn’t replace the importance of seeing them in person for special moments.

If you’re not there for their birthdays, Christmas visits or special moments at school, college or university, then they won’t see you as a big influence in their life.

As your role contains the word ‘parent’, it’s a big hint that you should be an extension of the child’s parents on big moments in their life.

4. Don’t take on the role like a parent, though.

It’s easy to think of the role as an extension to the role of a parent.

While to some extent it is, your role as a godparent shouldn’t include getting involved with family arguments or disputes already involving the child’s parents.

This is only going to lead to upset.

As a godparent, you should see yourself as more of an impartial guide for the youngster, pointing them in the right direction using your own knowledge.

After all, your experiences and personality are the reason the parents chose you to become a godparent in the first place.

But never put yourself in a conflicting position with the parents by offering advice that would upset them or seriously differs from their views.

If you’re concerned about how to advise your godchild when they come to you with a problem, it is always worth speaking to the parents first to see if they have already discussed the issue and if there is anything else you should know about.

5. Be fun!

Most people view being a godparent as a serious role and one to be treated with great respect and care.

It’s a great honour to be a godparent, but that doesn’t mean you need to hide away your fun side when you spend time with your godchild.

The parents chose you to become a godparent because of the person you are, so be yourself when you’re with the little one!

While parents use their authority, you can become a role model who gets to have all the fun while throwing in a little guidance along the way!

Your godchild will enjoy your company and you’ll enjoy yourself too!

It’s the perfect way to get them into your hobbies, follow your favourite football team and even take them for their first drink when they turn 18.

See, we bet you didn’t think of those things did you!

6. Set an example.

If you know you have niggling bad habits now is the perfect time to ditch them, not just for you but for your godchild too!

The more you’re there for your godchild, the more they will look up to you and be influenced by what you do.

This means you should think about getting rid of those bad habits you’ve always thought about ditching but never had a true reason to change.

Perhaps you’ve always intended to exercise more but you’ve never found that motivation to? Well why not take up a sport with your godchild and show them how healthy and fun it is to exercise!

Play football, go for a bike ride or teach them how to play tennis. The options are endless!

One way your godchild will definitely think of you as a top godparent is with a special present, so why not step into your new role armed with a top Personalised Christening Gifts for the little one?

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Gift ideas for godsons:

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A great way to capture all the special memories of the day, why not complete the book and present it to the parents to look after until your godchild is old enough to look through it?

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Are you a godparent who has guidance to offer to new godparents? Why not share your advice with us now!