Retirement a landmark in anyone's life

Retirement signifies a well-deserved landmark in anyone’s life. Most people cannot wait to retire, but some feel somewhat at a loss when work as they know it, draws to a close.
Retirement Gifts are essential in places of work. After a whip-round, some bright spark decides what Retirement Gift to buy, and where to get it.
Some companies like to give a Retirement Gift from the company coffers, too.  In days gone by, a watch used to be a popular choice; though for someone whose clock-watching days are over, this seems an ironic one.
Vouchers are popular Retirement Gifts, especially if the person is difficult to buy for. However, the distinct disadvantage here, is that the recipient will know exactly how much has been raised for them! The result could swing either way; so it’s always a bit of a gamble.
Giving hard cash as a Retirement Gift can seem as if no effort has been involved in looking for a suitable gift. Consequently, this option, unless specifically requested, is usually given the elbow.
If a soon-to-be-retired colleague has a hobby he or she intends to pursue, then buying Retirement Gifts for them will be easier than most. Just make sure they don’t already have the intended gift at home.
Personalising a Retirement Gift is a lovely way to show you care, as a little effort goes a long way. In doing this, any gift gains oodles of additional sentimental value.