Personalised Wedding Gifts for guests

While you're in the midst of organising your wedding, the thought of having to sort out gifts for those special guests is enough to make you want to find a darkened room to hide away in and let someone else sort the entire day out for you!

It may seem like an additional task you could really do without, especially when there are dresses to buy, invites to send out and venues to fret over, but buying gifts for those lovely people doesn't need to be an extra nightmare you'd rather not have.

The worst part of gift hunting for friends and family at your wedding is knowing where to start looking. Thankfully, at The Personalised Gift Shop, we have a great range of personalised wedding gifts especially for your best man, bridesmaids, flower girl, ushers, page boy and the all important mothers and fathers!

Take a look at our range of gifts especially for these special guests.

Best Man Gifts

If you haven't yet told your mate he's going to be your best man, why not surprise him in style with a

Personalised Best Man Chocolate Bar

. The wrapper is printed with your best man's name along with a best man suit and the words 'Best Man' at the bottom. The sweet treat is sure to help him get over the shock of being given this special role on your big day!

If chocolate isn't his thing, a Best Man Personalised Mug is a fun and practical way to announce the news to him. He can enjoy every morning brew from his very own mug and remember your wedding day!

For something a little more fancy, treat your best man to an Engraved Satin Steel Hip Flask. Your best man's name is engraved into the surface of the satin steel along with a message of your choice so he will always remember your big day every time he takes a swig of his favourite spirit!

Bridesmaids Gifts

Who loves chocolate more than your bridesmaids?! Give each of your special girls a Personalised Bridesmaid Chocolate Bar and reveal the special surprise to them in the form of a sweet treat! Each chocolate bar wrapper is personalised with their name and a special message from you. They will treasure the wrapper of this fun little gift long after the chocolate has disappeared!

A Butterfly Trinket Box is a wonderful and elegant gift to give to your bridesmaids to remind them of your big day. Your chosen message is engraved into a plaque at the front of the box to make a wonderfully personalised wedding gift they will always cherish every time they reach for their favourite jewellery or trinkets.

Why not give your bridesmaids something they can wear to remind them of your wedding day? A Hammered Heart Pendant is beautifully intricate and is engraved with a name or a small message to make each necklace unique. Your bridesmaids will love to have their own jewellery from your big day.

Flower Girl Gifts

A wedding can be a long day for little ones, so why not give your flower girl a special gift she can cuddle throughout the day? The Flower Girl Personalised Teddy Bear Thank You Gift has a t-shirt printed with your flower girl's name and a special message to say thank you for being a part of your big day. She will always remember your wedding day with her very own teddy bear.

Let your flower girl capture the memories of your wedding day with her very own box to keep every memento in. The Personalised Flower Girl Memory Box is the perfect place for her to store her own photos, trinkets and other gifts from the day. The handmade box features a printed card with her name and your special message to her for a truly unique gift she will always be able to look back at and remember your wedding.

A Flower Girl Wood Frame is ideal for your special little guest to display her favourite picture from your big day. The wood is engraved with the details of your wedding and a message from you to her.

Usher Gifts

Give your ushers something to remember your wedding by with an Engraved Brushed Steel Hip Flask. The flask is engraved with your usher's name and a special message from you to them for a truly memorable wedding gift they will always treasure. What's more, they can use it to store their favourite tipple too!

Traditional yet personal, the Pint Usher Glass Tankard is the perfect gift for your ushers. Whether they display it or use it, the tankard features a special message from you so they can always look back with fond memories of your wedding day.

A Chrome Zippo Lighter is a brilliant and practical gift for your ushers. The surface of the lighter is engraved with a message of your choice for a stylish and unique gift they are sure to love.

Page Boy

Just like your flower girl, a wedding is a big day for your little page boy. So why not treat him to a smart teddy who can keep him company while he carries out all his page boy duties? The Page Boy Personalised Teddy Bear is wearing a t-shirt printed with a smart suit bow tie and buttons, and your own special message to your page boy to say thank you for his hard work on your wedding day!

Keep him entertained with a smart and personal yo-yo on your big day. The metal yo-yo is engraved with a special message to your page boy, so he has a unique keepsake that he can use on your wedding day. What's more, a yo-yo is sure to give him hours of fun so he will be playing all day long!

Why not give your page boy a special gift he can feel really grown up with? The Script Initial Cufflinks are engraved with up to three initials, and while he may not be old enough to wear them yet, these special cufflinks can be treasured as a unique keepsake until he can proudly wear them!

Mother of the Bride or Groom Gifts

Your wedding day is such a special moment for your mothers, so why not give them something they can proudly display at home? The Swarovski Spiral Vase is engraved with a special message from you so your mum can put her favourite flowers in a vase that will always remind her of your big day.

Let your mum display her favourite photo from your big day in a Mother Of The Bride/Groom Photo Frame. The bottom of the frame is engraved with your own special message so your mum will always be able to reminisce on your special day!

An Engraved Heart Charm Bracelet is a wonderful gift for your mum on your wedding day. Choose a little message of name to be engraved into the heart charm and create a unique piece of jewellery your mum can wear every day. She will love to take a little piece of your big day with her wherever she goes.

Gift hunting for your special guests can always be a challenge, but a personalised wedding gift can add that special touch you have been searching for. Why not take a look at our full range of Personalised Wedding Gifts for your guests?