Personalised Naming Day Gifts

Historically, the day a baby is officially named in their community has been a religious event, and has been celebrated in various ways through religions around the world for thousands of years.

But in recent years, it has become more widely recognised that not all families are religious and therefore a religious celebration of a new life is not always something parents want for their child.

Naming days enable families to celebrate their latest addition and officially welcome them to their community of friends and relatives, an alternative to the traditional Christening or Baptism. They are the perfect time to give personalised naming day gifts.

For many it is the first formal opportunity to meet the new baby and congratulate the parents. It also gives parents the freedom to celebrate their child's birth exactly how they want to.

But for a guest on a naming day it can be a challenge to think what gifts would be appropriate. Traditional ceremonies tend to have a known set of gifts to give to the child and parents, but with this modern ceremony it can be hard to know whether to stick to traditions or to try and be inventive.

A look at our wide range of personalised naming day gifts will inspire you to choose between traditional and contemporary gifts that offer a unique touch from you to them.

Christenings and Baptisms are thought to have been taking place regularly since the 3rd century. Giving gifts has also been commonplace at these events, often keepsakes that the family and child can look back on when they are older.

Particularly if the event is a special gathering of family and special friends, personalised photo albums are wonderful to capture the day in a way that can be shown in years to come, making perfect naming day gifts for everyone to enjoy, especially for the baby to look back on their special day when they are older.

The Engraved Pink and Blue Alphabet Photo Album makes a unique and special gift that you can begin filling with photos or leave blank for the family to add their favourite pictures themselves.

A Naming Day Memory Box also makes a fantastic personalised naming day gift. Add the child's message to the lid and allow the family to begin collecting all their personal pictures, mementos and keepsakes within the box.

In traditional religious ceremonies where the child is named or officially welcomed into the community, a candle is lit and often represents lighting the way for the youngster's journey or the light within the person who is being celebrated on that day.

Presenting a Naming Day Personalised Candle to the little boy or girl and their parents makes a unique personalised naming day gift that echoes traditions of ceremonies the naming day has stemmed from.

As well as the child, a naming day is also the perfect time to give a special gift to the parents.

So why not take a look at our full range of Personalised Gifts for some inspiration as well as our personalised naming day gifts.