Personalised Gifts for Sports Fans

We all know someone who is crazy about cricket, mad for rugby or a football fanatic, but how much do you know about these sports? Personalised gifts for sports fans are a great talking point and can often provide something new and interesting to a fan that has everything.

For example did you know cricket has possibly existed since the 13th century? The sport is believed to have originated in Saxon and Norman times and survived just as a children's game for centuries.

By the 17th century the game had spread as far as America and had established rules, teams and organised matches.

Why not treat your cricket fanatic to a personalised Cricket Book full of facts about their favourite game, including batsmen through history, important matches and newspaper reports from days gone.

Perhaps they prefer rugby? What do you know about rugby's origins? A popular story is that in 1823 schoolboy William Webb Ellis had such a disregard for the rules of football that he took the ball into his arms and ran with it.

Although there is little evidence to support this as the true origin of rugby, officials still named the Rugby World Cup as the William Webb Ellis trophy.

There is no clear origin for the game but suggestions date back as far as the middle ages, when townsfolk would compete against each other to get an inflated pig's bladder to markers at either end of the town.

Since then of course rules started to develop (following many attempts to ban the game altogether) and by the middle of the 19th century rugby was played by men up and down the country, leading to the formation of the Rugby Football Union in 1871.

For your budding rugby player or fan a Personalised Rugby Calendar is a great gift to keep track of important fixtures and season finals, so your favourite sports fan will never miss a match!

Golf has been recognised as an official game for around 200 years, but, like many other sports, its history is blurred.

The version of the game we recognise now is believed to date back to the 1400s in Scotland, but similar games have been described from the 13th century, with men using a stick to hit a leather ball to a target with the least swings.

For the golfer in your life why not treat them to their own Golf Green Set to use when playing a round or just as a personalised keepsake. Add up to three initials to make it a great personalised sports gift.

It has the biggest following in the UK – but how much do you know about football?

Did you know the red and yellow card system was introduced in 1970 for the FIFA World Cup finals? Or that a penalty didn't exist in the game until 1891?

If you know a fan of the beautiful game, treat them to a personalised and framed magazine from their favourite team. Add their name and favourite shirt number to create an exclusive story about their signing to the team!

So whether you're looking for cricket, rugby, golf or football-related personalised gifts, we have something for every sports fan. Visit our website now to have a look at our personalised gifts for sports fans.