Personalised Gifts for Retirement

Reaching a point where you can retire and enjoy life at a slower pace is a huge achievement.

For some, retirement is something they work and save towards, and the day they can retire is seen as a luxury, especially early retirement. Others may find reaching retirement less exciting, particularly if they have enjoyed their career and find it a very fulfilling part of their life.

But regardless of their feelings it is a special milestone, something to feel very proud of and something that deserves personalised gifts for retirement.

After all it wasn't so long ago that retirement simply didn't exist. With no pensions and harsh jobs with little pay, it often meant people would have to work throughout their life.

Even in Biblical times there appears to be no form of retirement. But the Bible illustrates that there has always been respect for the older generations, especially as reaching an older age was very hard to do hundreds and thousands of years ago!

There was certainly no such thing as giving retirement gifts back then.

Germany was the first country in the world to introduce retirement in 1889, and most countries brought in retirement ages in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Now retirement means we can enjoy life after work and take the time to do different activities that there was perhaps little time to do with a full or part-time job.

It also means that people can plan ahead and prepare for their new life after work.

Following retirement, many people decide to take up new hobbies, join local clubs, travel more, spend more time with family or even move to a different part of the country or world.

A recent study has even found that people feel happier and healthier in their retirement than at any point since their mid 30s.

These results by the Office for National Statistics show that we should all be looking forward to retirement as a time to take advantage of new-found freedom and feel like a 35-year-old again!

So whether your friend, colleague or relative is looking forward to retirement or not, it is certainly a milestone to be rewarded with some perfect, personalised gifts for retirement.

Let them toast the beginning of their new adventure in life with their very own bottle of wine. The Personalised Wine and Newspaper Gift Set is a perfect way for your colleague or relative to toast their freedom and look back on a special date, such as their first day of work.

Adding their name or a personal message to the bottle also means they have a nostalgic keepsake long after the bottle is empty!

With all those plans in place for new hobbies and journeys to far-flung corners of the earth, a place to put all their special pictures would make a great retirement gift.

Add some luxury to the memories of their retirement travels with an Engraved Silver Plated Photo Album. They can add their favourite snap to the front cover alongside your special message to them. Then they can fill up the album starting with their retirement celebrations, making a fantastic gift for the next exciting step in their life.

There are so many ways to mark the great milestone of reaching retirement, so take a look now at our selection of great Personalised Gifts for Retirement.