Personalised Christmas Gifts

Christmas is all about having fun, getting the whole family together and, of course, treating those you love to gifts, fun and memories together.

Giving gifts has long been a big tradition for families and friends at Christmas time and giving personalised Christmas gifts makes the event even more special.

The tradition of giving gifts stems from the story of Jesus Christ's birth and is believed to serve as a reminder of the three kings, who gave gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to the baby.

But believe it or not, giving gifts to our family and friends did not become a popular tradition until the 19th century, when large shops began advertising the idea of giving a present at Christmas and the stories of Santa Claus began to circulate.

If there is a new baby in the family Christmas can be an especially exciting time, and friends and relatives will give many gifts to the new little boy or girl.

But mum, dad and grandparents won't be expecting a gift in return from their little one this Christmas!

Put a fun twist on tradition and give a surprise gift the whole family will love with presents from baby to mother, father or grandparents.

The Photo Christmas Bauble makes a perfect personalised Christmas gift the whole family will cherish.

This unique bauble can be personalised with an image of your choice on one side and a personal message on the other, making a wonderful gift from the little one and an extra special addition to the family's Christmas tree that can be used year after year.

Capturing your baby's first Christmas with all the family is special, so why not transform this time into a gift and treat mummy or daddy to a picture of their little one in a unique frame to create a wonderful personalised Christmas gift.

The Baby's First Christmas Shiny Silver Frame makes a beautiful gift for a parent or grandparent. Choose a message from the little one that is engraved into the frame, then either add a special picture beforehand or let them choose their favourite festive snap of the baby to add to the frame!

Personalised Christmas gifts can be treasured forever, so create a traditional gift with a unique twist and make a personalised photo album as a gift from your baby!

The Personalised First Christmas Photo Album is great for mummy or daddy for your first Christmas as a family.

Add your little one's name and the year of their first Christmas to the front of the album to make a special festive gift.

Either fill in the pages with favourite photos of the baby and family, or leave it blank so you can capture special festive moments you will all be able to look back on and treasure for years to come.

The blank album pages also mean you can add a special message from the baby to make a fun and special gift that can be completely personalised with handwritten Christmas memories and pictures.

Take a look at our website to see the full range of Personalised Christmas Gifts that can be given to mummy and daddy from the baby.