Personalised Christening Gifts from Godparents

The tradition of a Christening ceremony dates back as far as the 2nd century, with inscriptions and biblical references throughout history noting the ceremony as an important symbolic moment in a child’s life.

That still stands today and although ceremonies such as naming days are gaining in popularity, the Christening remains a highly special moment for the whole family, godparents and the community.

Are you a godparent and you’re unsure what would make a perfect Christening gift? Don’t be worried, there are many modern twists on the gifts traditionally given in this special religious ceremony. This includes personalised christening gifts that will be memorable in years to come.

The purpose of a godparent is to act almost as a second parent to the child, and to be there for support and advice.

And, thought to have evolved from the story of Jesus Christ’s birth, godparents have been giving special gifts since the 4th century, just like the three kings gave gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

Of course, history shows traditional gifts given at Christenings did update a little bit from what the three kings gave.

Spoons and other items made from silver became popular godparent gifts as a symbol of giving value and wealth to the youngster.

But why not think outside the box and give something that will be of sentimental value for a lifetime with a personalised Christening gift?

Nowadays you can really have fun with choosing a personalised Christening gift, whether you want something fun, formal or completely different, you’re sure to find something from our collection.

A Personalised Christening Memory Box is a perfect way to keep every little moment from the day in a safe and special place for the family to look back on and cherish.

Add the youngster’s name, date and church the Christening is being held at and a little message from yourself to create a wonderful and personal gift.

A Christening Teddy Bear is a huggable and fun personalised Christening gift for the little one. Add a message to teddy’s t-shirt and they will always remember the day you became their godparent.

Or if you’d rather your gift held some tradition, a Personalised Christening Plate is perfect for a godparent to give.

Why not take a look at our full range of Personalised Christening Gifts now to find the perfect present for your godchild.