Personalised Bookmarks

If you want to buy a gift for someone and they are an avid reader then why not treat them to a Personalised Bookmark.

Add a picture, add some words and hey presto the perfect gift.

Everytime they close their book and mark the page they will get a reminder with your bookmark.

They make ideal gifts for grandparents with images of their grandchildren on a few words like I love you Granny - Happy reading.

Or for a dad or mum from the kids again an ideal way to finish off the reading with.

Bookmarks have been around for many years and date back to the middle ages and beyond. They have taken various forms over the years but many have a long thin shape for easily wedging between the pages.

In the eighteenth century they were seen in the form of a narrow silk ribbon no more than a centimetre in width and very often sewn into the spine of the book.

But even if our bookmarks are hundreds of years old we feel they will make the perfect gift for a specail occasion and a perfect keepsake.