Our top six tips for your office party

You've probably had a very busy year of work, and when the office party rolls around, it's very tempting to let your hair down and have a good time!

But have you stopped and thought about what this might be doing to your job?

Well, you might not be in the office, but when you're surrounded by your colleagues and your boss, it's a good idea to think about what you're doing before getting a little too merry and doing something you're going to regret when Monday morning rolls around.

So here at The Personalised Gift Shop, we've shared our personal experiences of office parties and formed a checklist that will get you through the night without making a bad name for yourself!

1. Attend

Our number one piece of advice is to go to your office party! Of course, you don't have to, and if you have other arrangements then that is understandable but as a general rule, going to your party is a positive thing to do for your colleagues and for yourself.

It shows you are appreciative of the effort that has gone into putting on the party and shows you are willing to be part of the team even when you're not in the office.

If you don't go, you're missing out on the social side of the workplace and it can even create an image that you are not bothered about your colleagues.

Of course, you may not be bothered about your colleagues, but regardless of your inner feelings towards other members of staff, it's really not a good idea to make them known to everyone.

In addition to attending the party, make the effort to stay at least an hour. Leaving within 30 minutes of arriving is just as bad – if not worse – than not going at all!

So come on, it's only one night a year and we're sure you will have fun once you're there.

2. Don't drink too much

Yes, it's a party and yes, it's Christmas, and yes, it might even be a free bar.

But no, that does not mean you should drink as much as you possibly can, weaving your way around the party juggling five drinks at once (just in case the bar shuts or runs out of drink).

In office party situations it's important to know your limits and not go wild ordering shots and bottles of wine and getting plastered in front of your boss. That's a big no no.

Even if your managers are getting trollied to the point of no return, that does not give you the green light to go ahead and do the same!

Nobody wants to be that member of staff who is known for getting so drunk they couldn't walk or be the person who ended up standing on the table singing very badly to Shania Twain. Just don't do it.

Not only would your drunken antics feel extremely wrong come Monday morning, but the actions of some people at office parties have led to them being fired and even having legal action taken. Now that's a sobering thought!

3. Don't fall out with anyone

Yes, you might have been upset by the way a colleague handled a situation in the office two months ago, but the Christmas party is definitely not the place to bring it up.

Everyone is attending to have a good time, so don't bring down the mood by dragging up old conflicts. Keep them to the workplace and deal with them in a professional manner.

The whole point of the party is to have fun and socialise with people you perhaps don't normally get to.

Not only that, but you don't want to be branded as the person who always talks about work. This is the time for people to get to know the side of you that they don't see in work.

Just remember to leave the binge-drinking side of you at home!

4. Say thank you

As we said, somebody at your company has gone to the effort of organising this party for you and your colleagues. Say thank you to them.

If you don't know who organised it, find out who it was!

Whoever was involved in the organisation of the party will most definitely appreciate your words of thanks and manners cost nothing!

We felt it necessary however to highlight that if it is you in charge of organising the party and you don't get the level of gratitude you were hoping for, do not kick up a fuss.

Stomping your feet and complaining that your efforts went unnoticed will do nothing more than brand you as an attention-seeking colleague prone to having a strop, and trust us, that will do nothing for your popularity at the party or at work the following week!

5. Dress appropriately

If you're looking at your party dress and you can't decide if the length is acceptable or not, that's probably a good sign that it's not.

If you have any doubts about your outfit, put it back in the wardrobe and go for something a little more sensible. You definitely don't want to have any outfit-related dramas in front of your supervisor, or boss, or anyone at your company for that matter.

And men don't escape this one either. It is not acceptable to roll up in an old suit and creased shirt. Smart up! (Unless of course the dress code states otherwise – but still, smart is better than scruffy).

6. Speak to everyone!

It's never a good idea to be the person who sticks to their usual group and doesn't want to socialise with anyone new.

Chances are there are lots of groups of people who work in your office, so use the party as an opportunity to talk to more people.

But you haven't spoken to them before? So what! Go over there and introduce yourself. If the office party isn't a good time to speak to colleagues then there really won't ever be a good time for you to speak to them.

If needs be a drink or two can give you the courage to move about the party and get speaking to new faces, but we hastily refer you to point number two: Do not get trollied and start rambling some nonsense to a stranger! This move has awkward Monday after the party written all over it.

The most important advice of all is HAVE FUN! It is Christmas after all.

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