Our favourite Secret Santa gift ideas are Personalised Christmas Gifts

Secret Santa has a lot to answer for. It's a great way to tackle giving gifts in large companies or families, as it saves money and stress that would be lost to the labour of hunting for a gift for everyone.

But at the same time, Secret Santa can be a big burden. Have you ever drawn somebody's name in the office and had to think for a second who they are?

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. If you don't know them very well, then how on earth are you going to buy them a gift?

Well, The Personalised Gift Shop has a selection of personalised Christmas gifts that you can customise to suit the recipient!

Our selection of gifts are great for those moments when you are stuck for inspiration.

We've kept low prices in mind as we know most Secret Santas are organised with a price limit!

A Christmas tree decoration is perfect for a Secret Santa, and our choice of personalised baubles will have you spoilt for choice.

Christmas tree ornaments - £11.95

The Personalised Father Christmas Tree Ornament is a fantastic little trinket to give to your Secret Santa recipient. Choose a little message to add to the front of the ornament to make it a lovely personalised Christmas gift.

Add their name and you've immediately got a gift that means something extra special to them!

Festive mug - £10.99

Personalised Christmas gifts don’t get any better than a Personalised Merry Christmas Mug. Not only is this a fun and unique gift that has their name on it, it's also a really useful present for anyone who works in the office – the only problem will be that they will want to use it all year round!

Personalised tea and coffee tins – both £14.99

We are split in the office, some of us love tea, others claim they can't function without a cup of coffee to wake them up in the morning!

So here's a choice of two great Secret Santa gifts that will make the recipient very happy indeed.

We know how frustrating it is if someone else drinks our own coffee that we brought from home, so this gift is both fun and useful for Christmas.

The tin of Personalised Coffee – Traditional Design lets you add their name to the label, eliminating any confusion over who the coffee belongs to. No need for them to mark their own coffee jar ever again!

And for all of us who feel a cup of tea is unbeaten in the hot beverage stakes, we have chosen a very British tin especially for their tea!

The tin of Personalised Tea – Union Jack Design is perfect for a Secret Santa and includes space to add their name and message to the outside.

It comes filled with an English breakfast tea from Taylor's of Harrogate, but of course once they have finished that off they are able to use the tin for their own tea bags, and nobody will be able to 'accidentally' take one of your tea bags without realising who it belongs to!

Mouse mat - £9.95

We think the Personalised Mouse Mat is a fun addition to anyone's desk at work.

It is so frustrating when somebody at work swipes your office equipment when you're not around, and the only time you realise it's gone is when you return to your desk.

So why not buy your Secret Santa recipient a personalised addition to their desk they can use every day?

You can add a picture and a message to the mouse mat to create a fun and unique gift that's perfect for a Secret Santa!

Both fun and useful, it won't be so easy for someone to swipe this mouse mat when it has a unique picture and message on it!

Personalised Christmas Bottle of Lager - £10.99

Lager always goes down a treat at Christmas time, and if you're really getting stuck for a good idea for your Secret Santa recipient there's a good chance they will be happy with a Personalised Christmas Bottle of Lager!

So give that bottle an extra special touch to give them a personalised gift instead!

Personalise the bottle label with their name and a fun message to make a fun Secret Santa present they will love.

For our full range of Secret Santa gifts, browse our Personalised Christmas Gifts section now.