Our 5 favourite Personalised Wedding Gifts for the Bride and Groom

Weddings. You've probably been to your fair share of them, and each time you manage to get the outfit and gift-buying ordeal done you tell yourself that next time you will be more organised, make a list and find the perfect gift well in advance.

But it never quite happens, does it?

Sure, sometimes you get the uber-organised couple who send out a wedding list (sometimes even from a particular retailer) so you can choose an item they need.

However more often than not you have the freedom to choose anything you feel would be a wonderful present for that special Mr and Mrs, which can be both a blessing and a curse.

It needn't be the latter though. In a bid to help you find a gift you will be proud to give, here are our top personalised wedding gifts for 2015!

Champagne with Personalised Label and Personalised Flutes

If you're in doubt, there's really no way you can go wrong with a bottle of champagne. This particular bottle has a label you make completely unique and comes with two flutes that are engraved with your own special message too!

The bride and groom will love to toast their marriage with their very own glasses and bottle, and what's more, they will always be able to keep the bottle as a keepsake of their special day long after those bubbles are gone (which we bet won't take long)!

Swarovski Spiral Vase

Something for the happy couple's home is always a good idea when it comes to wedding gifts. An engraved Swarovski vase is a wonderful touch, with a message of your choice permanently marked in the glass.

They will always be able to proudly display the special vase with their wedding details and reminisce about the day they became husband and wife! With Swarovski crystals studded into the vase, this is a wonderful ornament to display on its own or with a special bunch of flowers.

My House History Portfolio

When there are lots of traditional gifts to turn to for a wedding, you can never go wrong with thinking outside the box. Even if it isn't something you originally thought of in your initial gift ideas, sometimes presenting something original to the couple is a more memorable option than playing it safe and risking getting something similar to another guest.

The My House History Portfolio contains map extracts from the Ordance Survey of the home and area of your choice. Dating back to circa 1841, there are around seven historical map extracts in the portfolio to give the bride and groom a wonderful geographical history of their home together.

The pack also contains an aerial photo of their home and surrounding area, a wonderful gift for them to display, and instructions to help them discover even more about the history of their area. With even more pages to spare in the portfolio, the happy couple can build upon the history of their home as they learn more.

Acacia Large Rimmed Rectangle Cheese Board

Home essentials make great gift ideas for the bride and groom who have only just moved into their home together, because chances are they won't own all the different gadgets and gizmos people often have at home!

A cheese board might not fall into the gadget category, but it's certainly a useful kitchen accessory when visitors come around. So help them be prepared for hosting with a cheese board that's especially for them!

Your chosen message is engraved into the surface of the wood so they have a unique cheese board. All they need to add is the cheese.

Sparkling Hearts 8 x 10 Photo Frame

You can never have too many photo frames, and this one is perfect for a special wedding picture. Features two sparkling rings in the top corner and a pretty yet simple design extending from them.

This frame can also be engraved with a special message so that the bride and groom can always be reminded of their wedding day.

Perfect for a formal photo of the bride and groom or for a fun shot of all the family together, this frame suits any special memory from the day.

You’ve taken a look at our favourites, but why not browse our full collection of Gifts for the Bride and Groom?