Note to Self

Most of us nowadays lead incredibly busy lifetsyles, working a five or six day week as well as juggling the demands of a house and garden, children and family not forgetting a little bit of socialising here and there! Sometimes it's hard to keep up with everything and there simply isn't enough time in the day or the week to get everything done that you intend to!

Women are generally fantastic organisers and like to have everything in order and done on time so that they can lead a happy and balanced lifestyle. Keeping a notebook is a great way to remind yourself to pick up the children from football practice, get the meat out of the freezer or even to call a friend, so when it comes to looking for Gifts for Women, a notebook is an excellent gift choice. If we didn't write things down in our hectic lifestyles then we simply wouldn't know where we were on a daily basis!

Our beautiful Engraved Notebook and Pen Set is the perfect little gift for someone who needs a bit of organisation in their lives or for a budding writer or singer who occasionally gets a flash of inspiration that they must make a note of to add to their song or novel in the making! Women's Giftsthat include a special personal message which is beautifully engraved onto the front provide a lovely reminder of a special occasion and of the person who you received the gift from.

This gorgeous silver plated notebook has a matching ballpoint pen which slides down the side and the perfect size to fit into a handbag or briefcase! Both practical, thoughtful and elegant, all of the things required for you to buy that perfect original gift for someone special.

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