New Year Personalised Birthday Gifts

After the excitement of Christmas and the build-up to New Year, you’re probably just about recovering from the chocolate-induced coma, drinking well before midday and general over-indulgence (we know we are).

But while we all sink back to normality we mustn’t forget those friends and family who have birthdays coming up that are shadowed by Christmas and New Year. We all know someone who has their birthday in January and February, and often because we are all trying to tighten our belts (both financially and physically) at this time of year, it’s hard to really make their day special. One way is to consider new year personalised birthday gifts.

After all, there’s more to the month of January than you might think!

Did you know that January used to have 30 days, until Julius Cesar decided to add an extra day in 46 BCE.

January didn’t exist in the 10-month Roman calendar. It replaced March as the first month of the year and is named after Janus, the god of doors.

Meanwhile, we bet you didn’t know that the name February has only existed for around 100 years.

Before then it was known as Februeer and before that, in Shakespeare’s time, it was known as Feverell.

The Anglo Saxons called February 'Sol-monath' which means cake-month, because cakes were offered to the gods during that time (which we think is a great name!)

Special personalised birthday gifts they will love:


We at The Personalised Gift Shop have come up with a few pointers to make sure you get special personalised birthday gifts they will love whether they’re turning two or 62!

Our first piece of advice is that the birthday boy or girl has probably had their fair share of chocolate, sweets and drinks over Christmas, so it might be a nice idea to steer away from all those indulgent treats when picking out their birthday gift.

At this time of year we’re usually still committing to our New Year resolutions, so that’s worth remembering too!

A Luxury Personalised Coffee Hamper is a great treat for a birthday, and might be just the thing to combat that post-Christmas slump we all get!

It’s a great gift for them to use at work too – with their name added to the labels nobody will get them muddled up.

If it’s a milestone birthday then we think a personalised gift related to that special number is a great idea.

Why not try a Personalised Birthday Photo Album which can be decorated to match the theme and age of the birthday being celebrated. Perfect if they have a special party or event lined up for their day so they can capture all the memories in a special album.

Another idea for a milestone is a keepsake. These can be treasured and displayed for a lifetime so your gift will always remind them of that special date and age.

For more New Year personalised birthday gifts inspiration take a look at our selection and find something perfect for that special person born at this time of year!