Leaving on a jet plane

The idea of emigrating probably sounds quite appealing to most of us especially when we think of the unruly British weather and unsettled economy, but for those that are making their dreams of emigrating an actual reality, it can be both a daunting and exciting experience.

Emigrating gifts can be a great way to send the person off with your best wishes and to give them a gift that they can treasure for years to come.

A signature plate provides the ideal way for friends and family to sign all of those special messages as they say their goodbyes and give their good luck wishes to the recipient. An 'Off to Pastures New' signature plate has a hand-painted design of a signpost on it and makes a great gift for somebody who is on the move; a fully washable and usable reminder of the occasion.

If you want to give something unique that the recipient will cherish, an etched glass photo frame is a special gift that will last forever. Have your favourite image laser etched inside the glass; whether it's a picture of you and the person leaving or a fun shot of a group of friends or family, this will provide the perfect keepsake that can travel with them!

How about the gift of a world map? This fitting gift comes in all shapes and forms with a personalised world traveller map which can include a special message and you can even put pins in all of the places visited or wanting to be visited, a fabulous gift for the avid traveller! Or you can have an area literally put on the map with a map canvas. The canvas displays the spectacular landscape and cartographic detail of a local area, this would make a great gift to remind your recipient of the place they are leaving.You can even give them a
personalised world map jigsaw to keep them entertained in their new surroundings!

When you are living in a different country, away from your family and friends, it can be easy to forget those family birthdays and anniversaries so a personalised seasons calendar would make a fabulous, quirky gift. Have the recipient's name added to a beach in July or amongst the autumn leaves in November and you can even write the important occasions in for them to give them a headstart!

Saint Christopher is the patron saint of travellers and carriers and the protector of travellers. A St Christopher pendant with personalised box makes a lovely emigrating gift and with a special embossing on the box, you can include a special personal message for that added touch to the gift.

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