It's time to party, here come the boys!

Stag parties are held for the single man before he enters into married life with his future wife. This is the perfect way to celebrate the groom's last moments of freedom before getting hitched.

Modern stag parties can last whole weekends and some groups decide to celebrate abroad or just during one
'eventful' night usually filled with tricks, jokes and lots of drinking often at the groom's expense.

Stag parties provide the perfect opportunity to gather together the groom's closest friends, colleagues and
family members and celebrate in style with a big bash that can be stereotypically rowdy and boisterous! An
occasion that is unlikely to happen very often so you men should make the most of it!

Referred to as a bucks party in Australia and a bachelor party in America, they all tend to have the same or very similar traditions whereby the groom usually ends up being publicly embarrassed in some way and the stag night in general is likely to be a pretty wild one!

If you are the best man or person organising the stag do it can be a pretty stressful time and planning a
celebration for a large group of people, sometimes the entire population of the local pub well it isnt easy!

Stag night t-shirts are a great way to kit out the entire group and are sure to direct attention your way
especially from the hens that are likely to be on the prowl for some single stag-goers. There are so many
designs to choose from so that you won't have to think too hard about what you want. Your t-shirts can be
personalised with a message of your choice and you can include the stag's picture too so be sure to pick a
good one!

You can choose from a classic Carlsberg design t-shirt, put your stag's face onto a t-shirt so that every one knows exactly who the party is for or choose a fun and funky Las Vegas design.

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