How to make going back to school tantrum-free

It feels like they’ve barely finished for summer holidays, but it’s time for the kids to get ready for school again. Make sure they are prepared with our handy tips.

Whether your kids love or hate school, preparing for the new term after a summer of fun and relaxation can be daunting at the best of times.

For youngsters the realisation that the seemingly never-ending holiday has come to an end can be a bitter pill to swallow, especially after they’ve fallen into a new morning routine of cartoons and Cocopops.

For you it’s realising they’ve managed to grow four inches during the holidays and their uniform is half way up their arms and legs, which may send you in a panicked rush down to your local supermarket’s clothes section, on a Sunday, at 3:30pm.

But don’t despair - a little preparation can go a long way and if you follow our top back to school tips you will wonder why it was ever a struggle!

1. Keep the kids informed

Letting your little ones know and understand when they are going back to school can help them accept the idea and be prepared for heading back for the new term. Leaving it until the weekend before to tell youngsters they’re going back to school is almost certainly going to induce some form of temper!

2. Make a list

Keep yourself organised with a list of everything you need to remember from their uniform, to packed lunch, to PE kit. Having all the details written down makes checking everything much easier in the morning and means you won’t have to constantly juggle the details in your head.

3. Get back into a routine

Enjoying the summer holidays means allowing a little more flexibility for the kids’ routines, and your own too. Holidays, trips out and the odd lie-in are all little luxuries we enjoy over the summer holidays but it’s important to re-establish a good routine before school returns.

Make sure they’re going to bed at the right time and start easing them into getting up and dressed earlier to ensure they are used to getting up and out the door early for school!

4. Check for any homework they might have had before school finished

We’ve all been there. After the last day school, backpacks are slung in a corner, cupboard, draw, wardrobe, and subsequently forgotten about for the next six weeks.

Meanwhile that project the kids were given is sitting patiently, ready to give you an attack of stress the night before new term when you open the backpack again and suddenly panic; ‘My kids may be the only ones in the entire class without their homework and the teacher will hate them for the rest of the year!’

Check firstly where their bags are, and then inside them for any paper or homework, at least two weeks before they return to school and tell your child how important it is to be organised and get the work done.

Doing a little bit of the homework every day in those last two weeks will help them ease back into the idea of school, and what’s more, if it turns out they didn’t have any homework, you can kick back and relax safe in the knowledge there will be no nasty surprises the night before school!

5. New teacher?

If they’re in a new classroom or have a new teacher, make sure you have time to walk them to the right room and maybe even meet the teacher yourself.

This will put your child at ease knowing you are there on the first day and will put your mind at rest knowing they’re safe in the classroom.

6. Find out what’s expected of you

A new teacher means a new way of doing things, and it’s always worth being in the know about class routines for your child.

Find out what days homework is usually set on (if there is a set day), where to find details of extra-curricular activities and any other correspondence that might be needed from you.

Once again this will put your mind at ease that you have done everything you’re supposed to and that there will be no nasty homework surprises at bedtime!

7. Going to big school?

This can be very daunting for some children, more so than others. While they might be acting calm and collected on the outside, they might be quite nervous inside. Ask them if they have any questions about their new school and reassure them if they have any worries.

Make sure they know where they’re going, which bus they need to catch and that they have their timetable.

Knowing that you’ve checked everything will put your mind at rest and theirs too, and will almost certainly make for an easy transition into secondary school!

8. Preparation is key

Making sure the uniform is washed and laid out, lunches are packed and backpacks have every book your child needs the night before means you can sleep easy. It also buys valuable time in the morning if there are any mishaps!

9. Calculate how much time you need in the morning

Figuring out how much time you need to wake the kids up, get ready and be at school on time will massively help put those anxious thoughts at bay.

Adding some extra ‘tantrum time’ just in case also means that should the worst happen, you will still get the kids to school and yourself to work on time.

What is your top tip for getting the kids prepared for going back to school?

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