Is Golf an Addiction?

Golf is a game of myriad challenges. And those who play it, tend to become addicted to the game. Indeed, golfing widows can be found twiddling their thumbs in homes across the country, during daylight hours!
However, the upside of this phenomenon is that buying a gift for the golf enthusiast is as easy as landing that ball in a bunker. Simply latch onto the golf theme, and you are home and dry in that metaphorical clubhouse.
What’s more, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that superlative Golf Gifts are as easy to come by as golf balls in scrub. And you can shop without even leaving your pad.
Perhaps your intended recipient is a would-be golfer. The perfect present for wannabe Tigers, a Learn to Play Golf experience enables your giftee to learn the ropes under the expert eye of a PGA professional.
Yet the choice of Golf Gifts is limitless. Whatever your giftee’s  handicap, there are plenty of Golf Gifts that will suit him – or her,  down to a tee.