Friday 13th superstitions you need to know!

Today is Friday 13th, one of the most superstitious days of the year, but did you know that most years there are more than just the one. This year there are two Friday 13ths, one in January and one that will fall in October.

This is bad news for those people that have Friggatriskaidekaphobia, a real phobia of Friday 13th, but actually a good thing for people who have thirteen letters in their name – we'll explain more below.

Although there are plenty of superstitions that run every day of the year, there are also specific superstitions that are directly linked to Friday the Thirteenth so below we've listed 7 Superstitions that fall on this day and 13 that can happen any time, any place!

Friday 13th Superstitions:

1. A baby born on Friday 13th will apparently be cursed with bad luck for life!
2. If you pass a funeral procession on Friday 13th you will die.
3. If you buy something on Friday 13th that comes to £6.66 – or you get that back in change - you should leave an extra penny change or buy something else to avoid bad luck.
4. If you have your haircut on this day then someone in your family will die.
5. Ships that sail on Friday 13th will encounter bad luck or sink.
6. Calling the doctor about an illness on Friday 13th is an omen that the disease will kill you.
7. If you have 13 letters in your name then Friday thirteenth is going to be great for you because on this day you'll have the devil's luck (extraordinary good fortune) – have fun with that!

13 Superstitions that can happen anytime:

1. Find a penny, pick it up, all that day you'll have good luck.
2. Walking under ladders will bring bad luck.
3. Black cats crossing your path mean you could get cursed with bad luck as black cat are witches' familiars.
4. Breaking a mirror will bring you 7 years of bad luck – this can be avoided by tapping part of the broken mirror on a tombstone or grinding the mirror into dust.
5. You can 'knock on wood' to ward off bad luck.
6. Putting money into a wallet or purse, when given as a gift, means the recipient will have good financial fortune.
7. Catching a leaf as it falls from a its tree will bring good luck.
8. Spilling salt brings bad luck. This can be averted if you throw a pinch of the spilt salt over your left shoulder – in the face of the devil that lurks there.
9. Putting new shoes on the table can bring bad luck.
10. Telling a nightmare from Friday night, on a Saturday morning, will make aspects of that nightmare come to life.
11. Saying 'White Rabbits' three times on the first day of a month will bring good luck for that month, but only if it is the very first thing you say!
12. Finding a four leaf clover will bring you good luck.
13. Opening an umbrella inside is asking for bad luck to rain down on you!

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