Footballers Lavish Weddings

Top Footballers can afford those lavish weddings that so many people dream of.

The fancy location, the expensive wedding outfits, the long guest list and that fabulous honeymoon.

Wayne and Coleen Rooney are a perfect example of a lavish footballers wedding.

A reception, on the Italian Riviera
A spectacular midnight firework display, alledged to cost in the region of £50,000.
The white Marchesa wedding gown is believed to have cost £200,000.

Pictures from their wedding were reported to have sold for £2.5m.

They were given a police escort in two cars with blacked-out windows for the short journey to the abbey of La Cervara.

The abbey, which has hosted three Popes and imprisoned a French king during its 650-year history, was the setting for the Rooneys' wedding reception.

Total cost around £5million.

I wonder what Wedding Gifts they received from the star studied list of attendees.

A Football Gift to remember would have been the order of the day for the guest but what would they have been? But the Rooney's saved the day by asking them all to donate to a local charity.