Easter gifts - Chocolates and Eggs.

Easter is a lovely celebration, perfect for giving and exchanging gifts. Easter is the gateway to spring, and celebrates new life, and is most welcome to everyone, after emerging like moles from a deep, dark (and, usually, wet!) winter.

The symbol of the egg signifies new life. This is the meaning behind the traditional Easter egg gift. Children adore Easter eggs, and hunting for them in Easter gardens is a key part of the fun!

What's more, Easter Gifts make us reasses our lives, and give us renewed hope for the future.

So how about giving your loved ones their very own presonalised selection of sumputous chocolates for Easter? You will receive a box of luxury chocolates to your precise specification (there are 40 delicious high quality Belgian chocolates to choose from), plus a description and a photo of each.

Simply choose your giftee's favourite flavours; you can have any combination you want. And we mean that quite literally, folks! There are over 12 billion combinations in all, so even the fussiest of people will be 100% satisfied.

Your personal Easter Gift chocolate box will then be registered on the Chocolate Foundation database. Thereonin, that unique selection of chocs will always be named after your indulged recipient!

One box of your chosen selection is included in the price. Even better, further identical boxes can be ordered at a discounted price, once your unique box has been registered with the Chocolate Foundation.

Although aimed at the chocolate season, this Easter Gift is equally appropriate, whatever the time of year.

The perfect Easter Gift for a chocoholic, the personalised box of choccies includes a History of Chocolate, chocolate recipies, and a book devoted to the subject.

The most wonderful of Easter Gifts, on present could top this, we reckon.