Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat ... well, maybe not just yet.

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat ... well, maybe not just yet. But, believe us, the Yuletide season is just around the corner.
Christmas Gift buyers can be grouped into one of two categories:  the early bird shopper, and the last minute panic shopper.
Chances are, the early bird has already done her Christmas Gift shopping. And, when we say ‘done’, we mean bought, wrapped and labelled in alphabetical order.
In extreme cases, the early bird shopper may will have finished this year’s Christmas Gift shopping before the dust settled on the January sales.
The early bird Christmas shopper can be identified by her smug expression (the male early bird Christmas shopper is extremely rare), and annoyingly calm demeanour.
What’s more, she has a penchant for buying this year’s (reduced) Christmas cards, in readiness for next year;  and is generally obsessed with saving dosh.
In stark contrast, the last minute panic shopper congregates in vast numbers on Christmas Eve, before the hour of 4pm, when the stores close.  At 4.05pm, they hit the pubs, desperately in need of liquid refreshment.
The last minute panic shopper can be seen searching for their Christmas Gifts wearing a manic expression. They are characterised by their red faces, often beaded in sweat;  and they carry at least 20 shopping bags (none of them ‘bags for life’).
The happy medium between these two extremes, is the canny Internet shopper. This completely sussed member of our species manages to find hundreds of Christmas Gifts, all most-wanted, and often personalised for that extra-special touch, in a relatively short space of time.
The completely sussed Christmas shopper is never seen queing, preserves the planet by saving fuel, and is an all-round good egg.
Which would you rather be?