Celebrate a 21st in Style

Birthdays feel a bit odd and celebrations are definitely looking a little different this year, but that doesn’t mean that a momentous 21st can’t be celebrated in style. We may be swapping luxury outfits for loungewear and a bar crawl for a zoom call but there are still plenty of ways to make it special and one to remember (not just because it was the ‘lockdown birthday’).

We have pulled together lots of celebration ideas from big parties, small family celebrations and even how to celebrate when you can’t be there with them. Here are some great ways to celebrate their 21st Birthday Lockdown Style.

For a big celebration with all the family and friends try these fun online party ideas, with the perfect gift to go with them.

  • Video Dance Party - Get all the friends and family together for a video call party. Clear a space in the lounge and have a mini dance floor and make sure everyone knows whose Birthday it is with this Personalised Prosecco Glass. The best part? You get to keep all the party nibbles for yourself, no sharing needed! 
  • Mixology Party - Whip out the shaker and let's mix up a party. Agree a list of ingredients you all have and then everyone brings their cocktail recipe for everyone to make. You can feel like you’re at a mixology class from the comfort of your own home. This Personalised Gin Bottle is a great gift to go along with the Mixology party celebration. 
  • The dreaded ‘Zoom Quiz’ - We are all sick of zoom quizzes now, they were a great idea in lockdown 1, tolerable in lockdown 2 but in lockdown 3? Maybe not. But for this very special occasion bring back the quiz with a twist. Have a round all about the Birthday Boy or Girl, guaranteed to delight and embarrass all at once. Try a ‘treasure hunt’ round, send people scattering all across their houses frantically searching for random objects. A Personalised 21st Birthday Cushion is a great pairing for this as they snuggle down on the sofa & a fun picture of days gone by is sure to get everyone giggling. 


For the small family celebration treat them to the at-home cinema experience, with added home comforts and no need to get out of your pjs. Cook up some popcorn, grill some cheesy nachos and fill a bowl with pick and mix to go all out. Not sure what to watch? The 100 Movies scratch off poster is a great place to start. Start from the top or turn it into a game, blind fold them, spin three times and point at the poster to see what you’re watching. Just don’t forget to scratch it off once you’re finished. 

Even if you’re not able to be together and celebrate their 21st Birthday the way you’d like to, you can still make it special. The little things make a big difference. Why not get dressed up for a Video call meal, get them a personalised beer tankard to enjoy their favourite drink with their favorite food. Wanting to get them a sophisticated treat, a personalised bottle of prosecco is a lovely way to celebrate and pair it with a personalised bottle top for the perfect gift, not that there will be any Prosecco left.