Beat those January blues with The Personalised Gift Shop!

At this time of year it can be a real struggle to feel positive.

With the only reminder of festive fun being an empty bank account, cold and miserable weather, and perhaps even a little more weight around our middle than we’d like, January is definitely not the month we like to get excited about.

So here at The Personalised Gift Shop, we’ve put our heads together and come up with 10 ways to beat the hell out of those January blues!

1 – Get out and about

When the sun goes down before we’ve even left work for the day, it can be easy to get into the habit of going home and curling up on the sofa in front of the TV. But by committing to getting out on a couple of evenings a week, you’ll really notice a difference in your mood.

2 – Try something new

Don’t let this dark and cold time of year keep you cooped up. Instead, take advantage of this time to try something new! Take up a new hobby, exercise or join a new club. Not only will you be occupied with something interesting, you’ll meet lots of new people too!

3 – Spring cleaning

Yes, it sounds dull, but by taking an evening to de-clutter your house you might re-discover something special you thought you’d lost, find some items that you could sell and even donate to charity (another way to feel good about yourself)! A tidy and organised house will also make you feel more at ease and happy.

4 – Don’t do a fad diet

A lot of us get pushed into eating ridiculous diets following the festive period. But nothing is going to lower your mood more than an evening meal of celery and carrots after a tough day at work.

Being hungry is also a big contributor to feeling down in the dumps. So our advice is to forget the fad diets and choose healthy meals that fill you up.

Your mood will be much better if you’ve eaten the right amount, you’ll be less likely to crack and have a fast-food binge, and you will start feel healthy results inside and out!

5 – Be happy

Yes, easier said than done, you might say. But believe it or not, facing the world with a smile can do wonders for your mood. If someone asks you how you are, tell them you’re great, and you’re more likely to feel great!

6 – Smile!

It’s simple. Smile and regardless of how you feel your mood will rise. Not only that, but you’re helping everyone around you too – your smile will act as a positive beacon to shine through everyone’s January blues, creating a chain reaction of happiness and smiles, magic!

7 – Remember you don’t need to be super-cheerful ALL the time

That would be exhausting! It’s completely unrealistic to expect to be happy every single minute of the day. And the sooner you accept that, it won’t be such a shock and struggle to get out of a low mood.

8 – Make plans

You might not be able to jet off for a week in the sun just yet, but if you plan the year ahead – including some fantastic holidays – you’ll have something great to look forward to in the coming months.

Having something good to look forward is a definite mood lifter from the moment you’ve booked it.

Don’t forget, planning for little things works too, so start planning a nice meal or a night out with friends to get a little boost.

9 – Write down good things that have happened in your day

This one has a study to support it, so you know it’s a good one! Nearly 600 people in America were asked to write down three positive things that happened in their day for a week and researchers found their happiness levels went up and their depressive symptoms decreased for around six months after!

Now that’s a small thing to do every day to make such a positive change!

10 – Get a good night’s sleep

Staying up late in front of the TV is only going to make getting up in the dark and cold for work even more of a struggle.

Not only that, but a study has found that getting just an extra hour of sleep a night improves the ability for a person to enjoy their day! So getting extra snoozing time really helps you feel good during the day.

If you have any suggestions for beating the January blues let us know! Or perhaps just treat yourself to one of our fantastic personalised gifts to cheer you up!