Valentines Day is a day of contrasts.

Valentines Day is a day of contrasts. It is either (a) fabulous or (b) disasterous. Why? Because you either get spoilt rotten (we’re talking card, pressie, dinner, and, ‘er whatever lights your candle), or completely ignored.
Let’s take the positive stance, and assume you have a loved one already – or, if not, someone you fancy the pants off.
Whatever your situation, you will need to peruse the array of Valentines Day Gifts giving you the eye, very carefully indeed. Because, what you settle on could make or break a relationship, or pull the plug on the essential incubation period of a would-be romance.
Probably the most daring Valentines Day Gifts ever – a pair of His and Hers Pillowcases (yep!) – comes loaded with meaning.
Give a set to any man, and you’re in.  Men are simple beings; and a pair of His and Hers Pillowcases means one thing, and one thing only.Nooky!
Proffer said set to a female of the oppostite sex, however, and you could end up either in clover, or dead. If her animal instinct isn’t already aroused, it will be the latter.
So, for now, let’s leave the pillowcases in the bedrooms of witty, yet established couples. Though, they do constitute one hellava chat-up line. If you are brave enough.
Fact is,Valentines Day Gifts are limited only by your imagination. From champagne and roses (red, minimum order, 12), to sexy lingerie (for her, if in doubt),  and even a night at the opera in Verona, it’s your  Valentines Day call.