Forget ësay it with flowers'.

Whatever your event, personalised T-shirts all round will fit the bill (okay, perhaps not for a funeral).
Easywear, easycare T-shirts will grab all the attention at informal occasions. Whether it’s a birthday, hen or stag do, or anniversary, personalised T-shirts offer the X-factor.
As their name suggests, personalised T-shirts can be rendered unique in a heartbeat. They are happy to accommodate nick-names, and are experts in the F word (that’s ‘fun’, in case you’re asking).
Personalised T Shirts can be worn everyday, too. Why not create a life less ordinary by donning your own personalised T-shirt? As long as it doesn’t cause offence, everyone’s laughing.
Talking of putting your creative hat on ... why not come up with clever slogans for your personalised T-shirts, whether you are buying for them for yourself, or someone close? Take your que from fashion Tees, or conjure up a message that only you will understand.
Personalised T-Shirtscan have photos superimposed onto them, too.
Now that’s really got you thinking!