Sailing Experience Days a great way to learn.

Experience Days - Sailing

Robert N Rose once said: "Ships are the nearest thing to dreams that hands have ever made." If you know someone special who fancies leaving terra firma in favour of a boat, or who harbours a secret ambition to become the next Dame Ellen MacArthur, then a sailing experience day is sure to be their idea of a dream birthday, Christmas or just-because present.

Landlubber or old salt, Sailing Experience Days can supply the sailing and yachting experience that is appropriate to any giftee's level of experience. Even if your lucky recipient is a complete beginner, eager novice or experienced skipper, there is something out there in the gamut of Sailing Experience Days to suit anyone down to the seabed, as it were.

Learning the ropes could signify the start of a whole new life on the ocean waves for your recipient. Perhaps an anniversary couple or soon-to-be-retired family member is thinking of buying their own boat. Taking to the sea and learning to steer and hoist at the same time will constitute a wonderful gift that could have life-changing consequences.

It is recommended, however, that your sailing experience recipients are in reasonable health, and agile enough to work their sea legs around a vessel.

Being an island, we are blessed with many coastal locations in which to enjoy a sailing experience day.

Nautical adventures for two will have your couple splicing the mainbrace with the best of them on board a 36 foot ocean going yacht. Your giftee's skipper will introduce them to the basics, and then then they will sail for the rest of the day, taking turns behind the wheel with the other participants.

There are many ways in which to enjoy the wonderful sport of sailing, in our element amid the salty air and sea breezes. Naturally, safety will be paramount, and your giftees will be in good hands, all day long.

So why not buy a sailing experience day for someone you love, today?