Naming Day Gifts are fun to buy.

Naming Day Gifts are fun to buy. Whatever you fancy getting your naming day baby, goes. It’s as simple as that.
Unlike christening gifts, Naming Day Gifts do not have to have a religious connotation. That said, this doesn’t mean you cannot buy a traditional gift, such as a silver cutlery set, designed for tiny hands, if this is what you feel you would like to do.

Naming Day Gifts could include anything from soft toys to comfort blankets;  special items of clothing, to photo frames.

Whatever you decide to give as a Naming Day Gift, as long as it is given with love, then it will prove just perfect.
Naming days are essentially less formal than christenings. That does not mean that Naming Day Gifts are unnecessary, though. It is a lovely idea to give the baby being named something that will stand the test of time, just as you would for a christening. After all, it’s not every day a baby is born into the family, is it?
Which Naming Day Gift will you buy?