It's official. You are engaged!

So you’ve finally managed to pin down your man, and it’s official. You are engaged!
Only joking. Truth is, he has probably been sweating buckets over  The Proposal for months, years even. Now he has plucked up the courage, and you have said ‘yes’, you can both move on and plan that party!
Your friends, who all think you were made for each other, incidentally, can’t wait to shower you with congratulatory gifts and cards. After all, an engagement is special.
Engagement Gifts do not immediately spring to mind, however. So what can you two love birds leave in the way of hints?
Probably the coolest Engagement Gift is a picture of the couple on the cover of a glossy magazine. We’re not talking ACTUAL magazine, such as Hello or Okay, but rather the next best thing. And you won’t be able to tell the difference.
By dropping hints and leaving your favourite photo within grabbing distance, you will enable a perceptive friend  to arrange the rest.  All they have to do is visit the net at, and, hey presto! that personalised cover, complete with headlines, can be ordered in a heartbeat.
 This gift is fun and long-lasting, because the cover is presented in its own mount, ready for framing for eternity.
Buying Engagement Giftsneed not cost the earth. After all, it’s the thought that counts. That said, you can buy loads of original personalised Engagement Gifts off the Internet that won’t break the bank, yet do the job nicely.
Why not start surfing, and see for yourself?