Here come the lads, all dressed for action

A man’s stag do is a huge deal. After all, what better excuse to go out on the lash with the lads, than getting hitched?

Modern Stag Nights might well last a whole weekend. Which means all the more reason to dress for the occasion.

Enter, stage right, Stag T-shirts – the best thing since sliced bread. Donning rounds of Hovis aside, the stag night T-shirt offers a practical way to celebrate to the max.

Those who get off by organising with military precision will want to order a couple of Stag T-shirts for each member of the party. That way, manoeuvres can proceed on Day Two without deterring the ladies (sniff!).

Importantly, stag night T-shirts look the business. Frequently emblazoned with witty words of wisdom, they are essentially printed with the names and team numbers of the accused (having fun to this degree should be a crime).

Another major advantage of stag night T-shirts is that they are identifiable by marauding hens from over 20 paces. Get the drift?

So let’s give it up for the far-from-humble stag night T-shirt. Quite simply, no self-respecting stag do is complete without them.