Experience days make excellent gifts

Experience Days make excellent gifts. They also give everyone opportunities to learn new skills. Who knows - an experience day could even signify the start of a new hobby.

A golfing experience day can introduce your giftee to the world of this incredibly popular sport. But be warned: you could end up becomming a golfing widow or widower if your partner develops a penchant. Indeed, it might be better to go together; then, if the bug bites, you can both disappear into the sunset and head for the clubhouse, professional trainer in your wake.

Talking of wakes, water babies will prefer one of our wakeboarding Experience Days. An exciting mix of snowboarding, surfing, and skateboarding, wakeboarding is a breeze to learn. What's more, progress is fast and practically guaranteed under the watchful eye of an instructor.
Returning indoors for a moment, our next superlative experience day idea - that of ice climbing, is an offshoot of mountain climbing. Indeed, the cool sport of indoor climbing is gaining ground in avalanche proportions.

The UK's most challenging ice walls offer eight or 16 metres of real indoor ice climbing challenges. That's plenty to get your crampons into!

An ideal gift choice for aspiring adventurers, indoor ice climbing takes place on a -12 degrees centigrade concave ice wall - a steep ascent for any aspiring adventurer.

Giftees with a fear of heights might prefer to learn a new skill that could save their lives one day - and possibly those of others, by learning how to control a skidding car. The skid car control experience not only tests reflexes, but also co-ordination skills to the max, as the advanced techniques to counteract understeer and oversteer in a simulated loss-of-control situation are learned.

Birds of prey have no such problems. Indeed, their grace and control never cease to amaze us. Lovers of these magnificent birds will be over the moon with a falconry experience day.

The chance to get up close to these lords of the air, to observe the relationship between falconer and bird, and to begin to learn such skills, is an experience that anyone who is into conservation will appreciate beyond all other.  

So there you have it. There are more experience days out there than we care to mention that could lead to a new hobby or skill. All you have to do, is choose.