5 Festive activities to do with the kids this Christmas

Christmas is all about spending time with the family and making memories. Well we've got 5 great activities you need to do with the kids this year to make their Christmas truly magical!

Make DIY Christmas decorations

This is one of those Christmas activities that really gets the festive feelings flowing.
As long as you gather all of the materials in advance, and don't mind there being a bit of a mess, making your own decorations can become a fun tradition for your children can associate with every Christmas.

There are so many different types of DIY creations you can make with children for Christmas, from paint chart Christmas trees to glittery pasta-bow ribbons, so with very little effort you can create some perfectly imperfect Christmas beauties.

Best of all this activity gives your children the chance to make something that you can cherish for years to come.

Decorating the Christmas Tree

This one may seem fairly obvious but it's such a huge part of getting ready for Christmas that we just couldn't leave it out.

Whether you buy a real tree on the day, or have to get one down from the attic, this activity is one that everyone can be involved in. We'd recommend that if you're decorating the tree as a family that you maybe start parallel traditions to run at the same time, like having hot chocolate and putting on a Christmas film in the background just in case things start going a little slowly.

This way it's not only the tree going up that is the tradition, but the whole experience of the drinks, the film and most importantly the family time together.

Making Christmas Cookies

What better way to keep the kids entertained than creating something they get to eat later! A lot of children might not be a fan of fruit-filled Christmas favourites such as mince pies and Christmas cake, however a gingerbread man is always a wintry winner.

Now its up to you if you want to involve the children in the actual baking of the gingerbread men, or if you just want to cheat and grab a plain pack from your local supermarket, but decorating the top of the cookies is always the best bit.

We'd suggest getting a lot of different icing types and sweeties to go on top of the cookies in advance as a lot will go missing during the creative process!

Playing Christmas Games

If you want to harness some of their pent-up excitement over Christmas then a great way to do this is by playing Christmas-themed games.

We'd recommend ones such as:

  • Pin the nose on Rudolf – a self-explanatory twist on pin the tail on the donkey.
  • Find the reindeer – Print out a handful of reindeer and then ask the children to wait while you hide them in the house or garden, then once all are hidden, set the kids lose to find them.
  • Inspired by Familia's 'Snowball Toss' game

Going to see Santa

This is another traditional one that we just didn't want to miss, especially as it gets the little ones so excited about the magic of Christmas.

Taking your children to see Santa is definitely one of the perks of the festive season; there really isn't anything like watching their eyes light up when they're sitting on his lap and talking to him about the North Pole and all the elves in his workshop!

There will definitely be somewhere near you where Santa is stopping to visit Children this year but if you're not too sure where to look then this link should help.

If you're still looking for things to help give your festive season that extra Christmassy feel then we also have a lot of great personalised Christmas gifts on our website that can give your little ones that extra special does of joy.